God Left Me! Why Has He Forsaken Me?

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I grew up in the church and I know the Bible well. But now, I’m positive that God left me. Like Saul. I’m empty and it seems pointless to live. I’m basically a corpse walking around. I have no joy, peace, patience or kindness. No fruit of the Spirit. How can I have the fruit of the Spirit when God left me? I got sick about a month ago and started doubting everything. I was thinking sick thoughts–blasphemous thoughts. I tried to fight with scripture but the doubt and evil thoughts continued to expand. And now I know that the beautiful spirit of the Lord is gone. God left me; He has deserted me. I’ve prayed and prayed but I’m sure God left. God has given me over to a reprobate mind. Now nothing affects me. My heart is hard. I know that the Bible is God’s Word and that Jesus is God’s Son and that He gave He gave the Holy Spirit to dwell in those who believe. I know who God is even if He gave me over to a reprobate mind. I will continue to let people know that He is true even thought God left me.

Tim’s Answer
Though it may seem that you are banished forever from that feeling of intimacy with God, actually the situation is not nearly so dire. God has not left you.

We all long for the experience of closeness with our God. There is a sweet spot where we talk to Him and He talks to us and life seems only to get better. Yet, there is a truth that we all know. God tests the righteous (Psalm 11:5; Jeremiah 20:12) and disciplines or trains those who are His (Hebrews 12:5-8). Which of the saints of God have not gone through periods of testing? Testing is to make us stronger. God wants to see that we will cling to Him by faith when the feelings go away. He wants us to learn to walk by faith, not by experiences or feelings. He wants to demonstrate to the spirit world that His creation of humans have this great capacity to cling and love even when all of the outward and inward signs and feelings are gone (Ephesians 3:10). If we turn away in the difficult times, then our faith is weak. But when we cling through the difficult times, then our faith is shown.

How many of the Psalms are Psalms especially addressing such times? Over and over the Psalmist expresses the pain of feeling separated from God. And over and over the Psalmist also expresses His confidence that this time of feeling will pass. I particularly like Psalm 42 and 43 where the Psalmist carries on a dialogue with His soul. Sometimes, we need to talk to ourselves and tell ourselves to hope in God. Even though the Psalmist may feel that God left, there is a knowledge that God did no such thing.

We see the same type of sorrow and hope in Job 19. But my favorite passage on this subject is Lamentations 3. Jeremiah expresses so poetically what it feels like to be separated from God’s close presence. He feels as if God left him. Yet, His mind leads Him to cling to some basic truths. God’s compassions do not fail, they are new every morning. The fact that we are still alive is proof of this. He is faithful, even when we are not. It is good to suffer when we are young, because we learn about faith, perseverance, drawing close to God, and hoping in Him. As Jeremiah says, “The Lord will not cast off forever, though He causes grief, yet He will show compassion according to the multitude of His mercies” (Lamentations 3:31-32).

The purpose of God’s testing is not to undermine us, but to purify and to move our assurance away from feelings which can be transitory to a solid faith that seeks to serve God even if it seems that He is destroying us (Job 13:14). Sometimes we think we are strong Christians when we do not realize on what weak legs we stand. Then the storms come, as Scripture says they will, and our worlds are turned upside down. God’s purpose through His training of us is to substitute for our weak legs some strong legs of faith, where we seek God and seek to live out His will even when our worlds seem to be collapsing around us. We are the house built on the rock.

So my encouragement to you is to lift up the feeble legs (Hebrews 12:12-13), stand strong in God, understand His purposes in your life, and hope in Him. When the testing is done, you will come through as pure gold, a treasure fit for His presence, and a blessing to all.

I think many times we read the Hebrews 12 passage and think that the passage only is speaking about God punishing the sins of our lives. But the Greek work that we translate as “discipline” has nothing to do with punishment; rather it is a word meaning to train a child. That is what God is doing. We may have no known sin in our lives, but God still wants to train us in righteousness. And just like training for a race can be a lot of agony, so training for righteousness can be hard at times. But when the training is over, and it always ends even as it did with Job, the writers of the Psalms, Jeremiah, Paul, and even Jesus, afterwards it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness (Hebrews 12:11).

So here is what I do when difficult times come. First, I pray and ask God to reveal if there is some sin that has brought about the feeling of estrangement. If there is some sin that comes to mind, I confess it.

Second, having dealt with any know sin, I remind myself of His promises to me and assure myself that God is not a liar. In fact, I go farther and reaffirm to myself His great character and desire for us. Sometimes I read some of the great passages of Scripture on God’s character. I reaffirm that He has forgiven my sin and cleansed me, even as He promised and even though I do not “feel” clean. The feelings follow faith. I talk to myself about Him.

Third, I stop and worship Him for who He is. I submit myself before Him and tell Him how great He is. I see this with Job’s response, where in his sorrow he paused and worshipped (Job 1:20).

Fourth, I talk to myself about me, my purpose in this world, my calling to represent Him well, my choice not to focus on myself but to focus on Him. I reaffirm that serving Him is my choice no matter how I feel.

Finally, I seek to engage with His word and continue to pray, accounting that He is listening even when I have no feeling of engagement. (But I must admit, usually by the end of step 2, I find that I have reconnected. There is something about worship that touches God’s heart and transforms ours.) Yet, in the times when I still feel remote, I choose to draw near to Him and trust that in His time He will draw near to me. And He always does.

Faith is trusting when we cannot see, banking that in the morning joy will return.

I appreciate that you still have belief. I appreciate that you also recognize the evil within. Evil thoughts that come are temptations. What you do with those thoughts determines whether there is sin or righteousness (James 1:14-15). Choosing to embrace thoughts of good (Philippians 4:8) and the things above (Colossians 3:2) rather than those tempting thoughts of sin is what maturity in Christ is about.

I encourage you not to be cast down, but to know that such times of struggle are part of God’s good gifts to His own, demonstrating His loving training so that our faith may stand strong and robust and be able to withstand any storm that strikes the rock on which our house is built. Even during this time, do not give into sin and those bad thoughts that intrude. Rather, keep yourself spotless and in the love of God, pursuing Him and loving others.

I know this is difficult, especially in times you are not feeling well. But I encourage you to engage with others, and seek their prayers for mutual support during this time. If you continue to pursue God, you will find a depth of relationship with Him that will far surpass what you formerly experienced. Always remember that feelings can mislead. It may feel as though God left you, but really, has God left? Certainly not!

May the Father and His Spirit guide you more deeply into the love and experience of Jesus, who suffered for us leaving us an example that we should follow in His steps (1 Peter 2:21).

A fellow pilgrim,


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  1. I think of trials as not lasting, but my husband forced me to stay in the emergency room where the nurse illegally cut and sewed my lacerated lip when he knew I wanted to go home and denied me my patients rights. My lip and face are now deformed for life and I am not that old. I since discovered I am a victim of domestic violence. I have lost my life as I knew it and he ruined my daughter as well. I also was forced into this marriage and didn’t want it. Fifteen years of abuse. God has forsaken me because even though I’ve left, .y daughter, grown up, is w him still a,d is a mess. I Csnt cope w my deformity. It has made me too anxious and therapy does no good. I will probably waste away and die due to seeing this trauma. Daily.

    1. Please don’t give up on God! Remember Jesus who was and is innocent died for you so you can have the privilege to call God father. Your name is written in heaven. True beauty is a woman or man who praise The Lord. Encourage yourself and be strong.

  2. I feel the same way, can you pray for me please….I got out of the Lord’s will and cannot get back..

    1. God said he will never leave u nor forsake u it is us that leaves him get back to him and stop blaming him for mistakes u made fast and pray that’s how u get back to him

  3. I was disobediant to God several years ago and have gone down hill since then. its been years of going to church,worshipping asking forgiveness and getting nothing. Since then I have lost all my children to satan and I know God has spewed me out of his mouth as i have been very luke warm for years. Ive been angry at God for a while now and that is someplace i NEVER EVER thought i would be in the beginning. The thoughts of suicide are with me every day as the pain of my children and Gods spewing me out has thrown me into a Dark hopeless pit. Theres nothing to live for but wait until God throws me into hell. I cried and prayed tonight for God to give me one thing to hold on to, he gave me Malachi 2;13. No hope left for me!!!

    1. You have much to live for. Believe me, I understand many of your your feelings and feel them often myself. Don’t give up. Never give up. God will accept you if you only turn to Him.

        1. You can email us but Tim has passed away (the author of most of these articles) and I sometimes don’t feel qualified to answer questions . . . at least not in the manner that Tim did. There is a contact form on the site.

        2. The fact you are emotional and angry, show me that desire for God and fear as well are in your heart. Thats a blessing. You of yourself did not put that there, but the fact that you have the need for God says to me that God is waiting for you to speak to him.

    2. My sister, Please read Hosea 2. All of it, not just the beginning. It speaks of what God does when His bride has made mistakes or fallen into sin. He never leaves but is always watching and allows their earthly foundation to fall apart just so that he can rebuild his. You are His precious treasure. His precious child. His Love is unbreakable. He is simply leading you back into his arms. Even Job, one that God called righteous had felt abandoned and deformed. He was covered in boils and blisters. All his children had died and even his wife turned her back on him but God called him to repentance and restored him. He has never left. He will never leave. You are His precious child no matter what’s happened. God bless you.

      1. Good have job to Satan for no reason if I gave my child to a killer I’d be a monster but God gives his children to Satan and we are to feel blessed. Why?

        1. God didn’t just give job to Satan. He allowed Satan to affect his life yes. But all that job went through was an example for us. God let what happened to job happen for our example and our sakes. Like Paul said job was another sheep to the slaughter for our sakes. Job was willing to be such a thing for God. Job himself said, though He slay me I will trust Him. God never fully relinquished Job to the devil.

          1. I felt bless reading your advise or encouragement. I am so happy knowing God spirit is working or dwelling in your heart, which i do not feel now. But God use you to remind me of his love, grace and mercy. And to remain faithful in him though trials and difficult times comes our way.

    3. I feel the same way I have so many problems everywhere I go. I struggle with other people in school and I’ve asked my parents to move me to online school. But they say “suck it up”. I’ve gone to church my whole life and even when I’m there I feel like he’s left me. Though my problems aren’t nearly as bad as yours, I’ll have you in my prayers.

    4. Im in the same exact boat – and I mean the SAME. EXACT. BOAT. If you are still out there, please reply top this message and we can talk.

    5. Please don’t give up – God can trial us sometimes – the process is likened to tempering – because it hurts – but makes us stronger in the end.
      The fact that you are still here PROVES you still care for a relationship with God even if you are not doing very well…

      Force yourself to pray, meditate on God and on your own life and what needs to change and how you can better serve God. God is good! 🙂

    6. Hello my dear one,,how I understand your pain.You are areqsonmay be why God has let me go through such pain in life so I understand you.Dear one know one thing ,God is love.Whom you think of God is not God really but a false God.Havent you heard of a father waiting for His prodigal son to come.Havent you heard there is nothing which can separate you from the love of Christ.In the words of CS Lewis in his book Mere Christianity he says all faith must be based on reason not on our feelings.Feelings are the most unreliable thing in this world for it says one thing one day and the other day it says something other.But Word of God is stable not changing as He is and He is unconditional love.He loves you know matter what.How can He leave you .He

    7. Do you still want God’s forgiveness? Are you still willing to repent? If so then the Bible says that you have not committed the unpardonable sin. That also means God is still with you even if you feel He isn’t. God has said in His word I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU. So if God has made that promise you can guarantee that He WILL keep that promise because God WILL NOT CONTRADICT HIMSELF, He said it than He means it. Remember you CANNOT GO by what YOU’RE FEELING because feelings change often. God trains us to walk by FAITH not by feelings & sight. Keep praying, seeking God for answers even if you think He isn’t listening. He is

      1. Also God does NOT lie. I think the reason we struggle is because it is so hard to understand how merciful, forgiving and lovable God really is ! I may feel a little bit like you guys, but I don’t think I’m as bad, and I really don’t want to get that bad.. I will pray for you guys, and GOD LOVES…

    8. I felt the same way you did. I went against Gods will alot, and when i wanted to come back for 2 weeks i was panicking and i never felt so depressed in my whole life because I didn’t experience Gods presence. So i went to a church and i sat by myself in the hopes that worship can help me feel Gods presence. Randomly a gentleman approached me and told me “God has not forgotten you”. That God still loves you and wants to use you then another gentlemen told me that God was telling me to run to him and then another women was burdened in her heart to invite me to coffee and to talk. I have never even been to this church or met anyone here, but God used them to tell me he has NOT given up on me and i doubt he given up on you. RUN TO HIM 🙂

    9. God has not left you I am struggling with know that I am saved and I am learning how to trust him even though I don’t feel saved I am because the Bible says so and if you trust God he WILL get you through this even though it seems hopeless.Just trust God ask him to come and he will.You will make it through if you trust him. Trust me I know he does it for me when ever I feel like it’s hopeless and I am going to hell I have experienced God’s presence and peace.Trust God and you will make it .

    10. Please remember my sister in Christ, we must not give up! Sometimes it’s that 1001st time when we ask,when we seek God to be near that we finally feel his presence. There will be a breakthrough if you DON’T give up. Becoming like Christ is so difficult but that’s what HE is doing when we suffer.

    11. Fast and pray. Ask for His mercy. I’ve been through similar experiences as you. I begged the Lord to help me, and to come back. Also, the enemy and the flesh could very well be what’s causing you to think that way. Crank the worship music and praise Him along with the songs and read His Word.

  4. The Lord Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and I know what it is to be close to Him. I also know what it is to talk to Him and He answers me. In 1989, Jesus Christ healed me of ovarian cancer, I made a promise to Him that I would serve Him all the days of my life if He gave me my life back, and he did give me what I asked of Him. Since, then, my health is great but, my financial life is terrible, fighting on the frontlines for the Lord, has left my husband and I, in serious trouble financially. It’s becoming too much for us to handle. I can’t tell you all the details on this post, but, the struggles are many. I too feel like God has left me, I don’t hear His voice directing me, no one is in our path to help us, we feel like you do.

    1. What about the ones he doesn’t? Does he love you more? Are you kids our family better our deserve more than mine?

      1. (Sigh), what of the horrendous persecution the early church went through? We should have an eternal perspective. (Not to say we shouldn’t practice wisdom in our lives, (such as escaping abusive marriages, etc.)). Jesus said we would have trouble, but we cleave to him and take heart because he has overcome the world. We cleave to him. Is God unrighteous to test us with hardship for 60 or 70 years so that we might learn obedience through the things we suffer? Justin, are we not to rule and reign with Christ for ALL OF ETERNITY!

        Yes, these trials seem horrible, but remember, we have a promise for eternity. That has always been the reward. “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy Lord.” He is good.

    2. who are you listening to,who is it that you are following,what would you say is the primary force leading your life,

  5. I to feel forsaken by the Lord i have sinned greatly in his eyes i also have lost the fruit of the spirit i feel empty no love joy or happiness no compassion no feelings at all it i have been attending healings through my church for a year iv tried to pray and repent but it seems like my prayers are hitting a brick wall iv come to the point that i cant even think clearly i have blasphemed the holy spirit im so scared every day this emptiness is like being filled with greif 1000 times over i was a good person then was tempted and fell im scared of going to hell my life is an empty shell im so alone

    1. I feel the same. Very scared. I would like to talk to someone about this. Please reply if you would like to talk about it. I will give you my information.

      1. Please read my other comment to Nae below, as well as this one.

        Now, I remember when I heard God speak to me years ago. He would say something about the future or something present that I could have no knowledge of, and it would come to pass or I would learn that it occurred. I then went through a long season of not hearing God that way; it’s a long story and I think you can probably relate.

        Lisa, the reality is that God has not forsaken us. He said I will never leave you nor forsake you (Hebrews 13:5). Never. Never means never. “If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.” (2 Timothy 2:13). Remember, even when Peter denied Jesus, did not Jesus later pursue him? Jesus did not deny Peter; Jesus restored…

      2. Hi Lisa,

        I don’t know if you’re still around but I was wondering how you’re doing. I feel that I’m in a similar situation. Hope we can encourage each other

      3. My name is Chris i have struggled with the same thing we have to trust Jesus but I really want some one to talk to as well my number is 14097958967

    2. I feel exactly how u feel except prob. worse I’ve done so much evil I I think he’s so tired of me and has washed his hands

      1. We should remember the prodigal son and the Father’s love.

        Moreover, David, a man after God’s own heart, committed adultery and murdered an innocent man. Did not David commit these trespasses after God spoke to him about the Messiah proceeding from his lineage? And, did not God uphold that promise AFTER David committed these trespasses?

        After God told Abraham that Sarah would bear Isaac, did not Abraham fear for his life and try to deceive Abimelech in telling Sarah to say she was only his Sister? Abraham was scared Abimelech would kill him for Sarah, his wife. Yet Abraham knew God said Isaac would come from Sarah.

        If men of God and the patriarchs erred and God redeemed them, HE HAS REDEEMED YOU TOO! It’s time to believe God.

    3. I totally feel the same way as this post. Have things gotten any better for you since you posred this? It’s been awhile. I would like very much to be in touch with you either way.

    4. My dear Kate, If you had blasphemed the Holy Spirit, you would not care what state you are in. To blaspheme the Holy Spirit into purposely and knowingly attribute the works of the Holy Spirit to satan. Read the story about blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and you will we that. The devil is a liar!!!

    5. Kate,

      I feel the same way as you. I can’t feel the Spirit flowing through me anymore like it used too. I’m not bearing fruit and it’s terrifying. Have things gotten any better? If so could we chat?

    6. Well I read in Mathew where it says that blasphemy is the only sin that God doesn’t forgive. Blasphemy is when you actually speak out against the Holy Spirit. I know I did not do that but I feel like I disobeyed the Holy Spirit and now the Spirit has left. Now I have a feeling exactly like yours. Like I allowed thoughts to be processed in my head instead of sending them back the second they came. Now I feel like they are manifested. I feel empty, scared, joyless … you name it. I noticed you posted in Aug 10, 2015. Has anything changed for you since then? I really would like to know.

    7. The answer is to fast and pray. If not a post about Hosea seems right, he doesn’t leave us he will only wait until we are broken of our own ways. Don’t give up hope.

  6. I feel the same way… I’d rather die than continue to feel such hopelessness. I wish I could cease to exist.l

    1. Pray that to God, pray everything. That isn’t against him. He is watching closely, let him see your brokenness and fast for as long as you can. When you finish your fast fast again.

      Live In a godly way, interest him.

    1. you are right…. no god! its just a fiction & illusion… he forsake me too. he left me when the time i needed him most. he broke my life. i always pray to him but seems he dont care

      1. There is a God. I encountered many supernatural encounters and just today i encountered 3. Jesus said he will never reject those who come to him. Please push forward! Misery in this life is temporary but eternity is forever.

  7. Because there is no god. We just want someone when we are hopeless. Or when where we have no control. I suffered so so so so much. Where was god. On vacation.

  8. I have been praying for 15 years and gave cried many tears . My faith is gone I no longer believe. A staving person cannot wait forever or they will die of hunger. So to does it go with the spirit. I honestly do believe that God can abandon us and leave us. I only need to think of innocent victims of injustice to see that. We fool ourselves into thinking that there is a purpose to suffering but this is not true (how can victims of aushwitz be said to have been in a test of faith when there was no hope) maybe there is no God, maybe God picks favorites. Ultimately life is unjust and ultimately without hope.

    1. Our lives here are but a blink of an eye in comparison to eternity. Do not lose hope. Because we lose our lives here does not mean there is no hope.

    2. I am so scared that I’m going to hell forever . I plead with God to give me back his spirit . You have been 15 years trying ?

      1. Why do you think you do not have God’s Spirit?
        Do you feel a void in your heart or lack of fruit, etc ?

        What is your story?

      2. Im scared too. Tired of living and afraid to die. I’ve Never felt any of God’s or Jesus love. On the contrary, been abused ( Not sexually) but physically ( hit, had soap forced into my mouth, hair pulled out) and emotionally ( laughed at, insulted, bullied) by Priests, Nuns, Laity in authority. In all honesty, I don’t think I have , or ever will be happy. I hope I disappear into nothing rather than eternity in hell. I think I’m already there

        1. Tony, don’t mistake the work of the devil for the work of Jesus. Paul said that the devils workers are deceivers just like him. That the devil appears like an angel of light! But we know he is not! Jesus said we know His followers by their fruit. This is not godly fruit. Please friend, read the Bible yourself. Consider those people as the devil’s. I BEG YOU. With tears in my eyes! Don’t let these people be the image of Christ in your life! Read God’s Word believe How much He loves you! He gave His only son in YOUR PLACE! God has placed that kind of value on you. God has given the greatest of Himself too you, and for you! Believe that. Rest in that! The Son had not been separated from the Father in all of eternity! But He did it for you!

    3. do you still feel like this. I just want to encourage you to believe again BC He didn’t promise anything ESP. not good or that he’d answer all our prayers but don’t give up he didn’t he could’ve but he didn’t. He needs to feel your continual love and no matter how long or how tough keep praying don’t lose heart or hope. I’m most miserable BC I did both and wish I could go back. ask him what he may be trying to do through you and for you through this and what can you do for him.

    4. For those who follow Jesus there is a purpose in suffering, it is for the growing and testing of our faith. But to those who suffer needlessly who do not know Christ. What should we say? can the one who rejects God blame God for a lack of His presence? The nazi’s killed Jews. And the early church was slaughtered relentlessly. But they gave their lives happily for the name of their savior just as He did for us. Suffering is in this world because sin is in this world. If God was to remove suffering He would have to remove sin, if He were to remove sin He would have to remove the sinner. Then where would any of us be? Who would have a hope of salvation. But He allows suffering to continue for the full number of those who will be saved.

    5. Dear Jarc,

      I know this is over a year late but if there’s any chance you will come back to read this I have to reply you. Firstly, why we are so sure God hasn’t abandoned us (you in this case) is because He said so in Hebrews 13:5. When He said Never, He meant Never. Let that sink in. If it helps, know that it is now a matter of if His word is true or not. Does He mean what He says?
      Many times the issue we have is that we want Him to prove it in a certain way but He often choses not to follow our patterns. This doesn’t mean He is elsewhere. In Luke 24:31-36, if you look carefully you see that even after He disappeared, He still walked with them all the way back to Jerusalem because He simply becomes visible as soon as He is…

  9. I think God enjoys watching me suffer and actively thwarts all my efforts to get back on my feet and start again. He really knows what my weaknesses are and what causes the most pain for me. I’m at the end of my rope.

    1. Or maybe He is showing you that you are getting on the wrong foot? What If God loves you enough to stop you from going in the wrong direction? Pray friend seek God. Make sure your seeking a path to secure your salvation and build God’s kingdom. God does not enjoy suffering not even of the wicked. He says in Ezekiel I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that all men would turn from there sins.

    2. I’m going through the same thing, we have to help each other through this. I’ve been to many churches and can’t make a connection to anyone

  10. I feel God is not hearing me as well have been through thick and thin BUT job says “I know my redeemer lives” I wish I was or at least was sure like he was that my redeemer will come through I am just praying that when he shows up I will still be counted in that number shooo! it really hurts you from being a princess to nothing ,people are laughing at me everywhere my mom has turned against me the church is just the worst place to be I’d rather be in the somewhere else than our church it really hurts but for sure i dont want to be like Job’s wife I will rather wait for his grace and mercy and favour for i knew him before I was a princess

  11. Agony pain and heartache most of my life. The only thing that keeps me pushing forward are my children and grandchild. I feel like walking death. I used to feel his presence but years and years of pleading for recovery of mental issues. I just feel condemned and sometimes as scary as the thought may seem i contemplate the thought of hell vs. this life. I am hanging on by a string.

    1. Jetta set everything aside and call out to Jesus! Jesus paid for your healing on the cross. He bought it with His blood. Don’t give up! Please continue. The bible says Jesus was a man of many sorrows acquainted with our grief and suffering. That He is our high priest, and that He knows what it is to suffer and be tempted, that He is able to help us in our time of need. That we should approach God’s throne boldly in search for His grace or empowerment. If you don’t feel you have the faith, cry out like the man who cried out to Jesus, “Lord I believe help my unbelief!” I’ve done it He will do it! But you must ask in faith. Fast pray don’t give up! Sometimes we have to just keep praying!

  12. Please don’t give up, there is hope still. The Lord is faithful and loves you still. I hope and pray for an end to this type of suffering so that you and others like you can stand again. Please, trust in the Lord again.

  13. I prayed and fasted through most of my divorce. I told my ex’s attorney that God would defend me. That all was going to turn out ok. That was back in 2013 it is coming up on 2016 and my life seems to be stuck in a bad place. I hate my job and I barely make enough money to pay the rent let alone buying simple necessities like shampoo, soap, tp, or even to pay my bills. I have gotten angry with G-d because it seems every door had closed in my face. I have felt like I just want to die, because I can’t take care of my son the way I should. I feel sometimes he would be better off being raised by someone else. I feel so empty, but I continue to pray every day all day as work. I feel hopeless like I should just give up.

    1. DONT GIVE UP! you are probably doing better than you think you are! If you are seeking The Lord with your whole heart, those doors are closing because it is not God’s will for your life. Speak to your local church ask for help. Allow them to bless you.

    2. I feel you pain, your story sounds so much like mine. Everything tells me I have no use for this life anymore, yet I can’t give up. My biggest prayer lately has been for God to bring me to the Body of believers, we need each other now more than ever. Isolation and loneliness leaves me in despair. I will pray for you, please pray for me!!

  14. Life is a testimony of another chance!

    God is love. We can not fathom God’s love for us. The devil makes us “feel” separated from God. A reprobate mind is NOT someone who wants to repent, and tries tries and tries to seek God’s welcoming grace, but doesn’t feel it.
    No! If you truly have a reprobate mind, you wouldn’t be reading this! You wouldn’t want to have God in you’re knowledge.

    Life is a testimony of another chance!

    Are you breathing? We walk by faith, not by feelings. Jesus is closer to you than the very air between you’re feet and the ground your standing on. God is NOT a liar. He promises to forgive those who ask, and repent.

    Rev 2:5
    Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the…

    1. Thank you , I keep feeling like this has happened to me, but I keep praying and seeking God, church, and serving others when I can. At a prayer dinner, some ladies prayed with me and said that God will use what the devil tried to kill me with to become a beautiful testimony to share with others. That he is erasing what the enemy did to me and my life, and that he will mend my broken heart that I have held together by sticky spackle to be truly mended. This was amazing because I had never talked to them, they did not know anything about me. even though my circumstances make me feel God has left me I truly try to hold on , although it feels like I have only a thread. I have lost everything in my life including my health.

  15. NO, NO, NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO!!!! I have seen people darn near kill themselves for the “godly” suffering He has brought upon them. Does some of certain kinds of suffering cause growth? Perhaps, but unrelieved, by God, friends, etc., suffering often ends in suicide, and Christians need to stop preaching the nonsense that God is (always) growing them by making them suffer. I was run out of a job I held for 13 years because I would NOT lie to clients, and then that employer made sure any potential employer I might find would know that I was “reprimanded” for not lying, and, let us be real, most businesses don’t want to hear how moral you are; in fact, I think most use it as a reason NOT to hire you. So, unless God wishes me and my…

    1. If the job you are at is forcing you to lie, you need a new profession friend. Jesus said life does not consist of abundance of possessions. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? It’s not easy words, but they are honest. The Apostle Paul said all those who seek to live godly lives in Christ will suffer persecution. To rejoice in it. Because great is your reward in heaven. Don’t lose heart.

  16. Also, I would ask any who TRULY think God never leaves or forsakes us to explain how, when for months when I was 12 I was raped by an adult, with NO help from anyone, certainly not God. I cannot describe the feelings of abandonment physical pain and fear I felt at that time, and how much worse it was when I realized God was NOWHERE, NOWHERE, NOWHERE to be found. How did God NOT forget six million Jews? Christians, and I am one, however diminished by the horrors of my life, should stop making foolish statements, however biblical, that God will never leave or forsake them, because He surely has MANY times!! You might say, God will never leave or forsake you in an eternal sense, but on earth, sadly, people are forsaken by Him ALL THE TIME!

    1. read my previous reply on suffering. God bless you. I’m sorry to hear about your pain. But don’t hate God because of evil. Hate the devil. He did those things to you not God. The bible says every good and perfect gift comes from God who does not change. There is suffering in this world because of sin, and sin because of people. If God removes all suffering, He has to remove all people, taking away all hope for salvation. People have free will to do good or evil because true love can only be birthed out of free-will as well as the understanding of love. Like The example of God’s love in that Jesus willingly went to the cross because He Loves you! God bless you.

  17. none of you should complain about your situation for years ive claimed to be a Christian and have lived like a heathen my kids and I got sick last year really sick so I started to try to get back to God but I never. have had a relationship with God I just had faith in him for our healing well I started eating like I was before and fell again. we began to get sick again then all the feelings of shame defeat and condemnation came back. I started looking u?p ways to be healed like reiki hypnosis crystals and even thought of selling my soul just so we wouldn’t die. the more I did this the worst things got…. I did this out of fear and desperation and now I feel completely hopeless. now all I. want is forgiveness and repentance. be grateful

    1. will he forgive me for this evil I’ve thought and done? and for trying to find a way out instead of trusting him?

      1. Absolutely!!! Jesus said all sins will be forgiven of men. The only sin we cannot be forgiven is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. And I’m sure you have not committed that one or you would not want repentance. Be encouraged call upon the name of Jesus all of your days, and you will be saved!

        1. Joshua…this is encouraging but will God not take His Spirit if we constantly ignore the leading of the Holy Spirit. I just want to know because I feel like God took his Holy Spirit from me because I disobeyed His Holy Spirit. I feel hopeless, helpless, joyless. I even get jealous of other people going to heaven and not me and the desire to pray for other people to get saved has eluded me. I am in pure hell right now. Please please pray and ask God for me. Did He take His Holy Spirit from me and leave me to a reprobate mind?

          1. Mary you have been listening to the devil too long. Believe God’s Word. When you seek Me with all your heart I will be found by you! It’s a promise! God will withdraw Himself from us as a form of discipline. But the fact that you want Him is proof that His discipline is working! Read and meditate on psalm51. Set aside all you have put before Him. Whatever it is! fast! Pray harder than ever and believe His Word! He cannot lie. He so loved you He gave Jesus! He knows the number of hairs on Your head Mary! He thinks about YOU! He has plans to prosper you and give you a future and a hope! But you must seek for the kingdom and His righteousness. Don’t give up! It’s what the devil wants! The only way the devil can attack God is by attacking…

          1. Believe! Jump off the cliff of yourself and your doubt! Trust Gods truth to catch you! Stop believing the lies of the devil! Let everyman be counted a liar but God true! When you doubt God’s Word you can count yourself a liar because God can’t lie! If you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart God raised Him from the dead you shall be saved! Believe that He paid for your sins! All of them! And trust that He will give you His Holy Spirit to live a holy life. We are not perfect! The law proves it God knows it! Get up and move forward! Trust Him to save you! Stop trusting yourself! He loves you and has provided all things for your salvation you have been given everything pertaining to life and godliness,…

      2. nae – I did the same thing with yoga, crystals and did the worst thing one could possibly do – fell into heavy occult practices. I was totally deceived and did things that are abominations in the wight of God. My children have been affected as well. If you are still there and want to talk please reply to this message and I will give you my contact info. I was a true born again believer and fell through disobedience which started a 4 1/2 year slide into sin and eventually I was led into occult – because I wanted the emotional pain to go away.

    2. What ever you ask for in prayer believing you will receive it you shall have it! Ask God be forgiven and follow Jesus. Your sin is not greater than His blood.

  18. I just read all of these ,,, skiming everyone’s deep sufferings and pain and lost feeling that consumes them, All that feel Abandond and Left by God in their mist of Anger or Hurt or Feeling like he has SPIT THEM OUT, THOSE WHO ARE HIDEING under covers w depressed spirits and those with physical wounds and homeless and non belivers, i prayed hard and deep in my sole for all on the earth everywhere suffering the same feelings of rejection and loss of God Almighty and his voice no longer coming to them , i asked God to return , to deliver and touch each of these soles and spirits and each person and that a reconciliation and reconnection and a forgiveness come.forth and to deliver each person into a good place and a good Mercy n Grace IJN

    1. Probably the best response to all the suffering that I have read. Spiritual Warfare is real to a believer in so many levels. Not sure of what my outcome will look like, but I pray for all of us to press forward to that Presence. No other place will heal

  19. Ohh how I understand your pain ,,,,, God is good,,,,,would you hold a grudge against anyone,who May have wronged you,,,would not you forgive them,,,if you being a human can be so good why would be there be any reason for God to hold a grudge,,,,,,that’s is a sin,,,,,,He casts your sin to the depth of the sea and remembers it no more,,,,,this doubt is of your own,,,you are consenting to the devil who comes like a lion to devour anyone whom he may devour,,,,,overcome it by making a promise to yourself to think only thoughts that are true (that good God has forgiven you) and holds you accountable for sin no more,,,,come out of this my brothers and sisters jn Christ and know that Lord is kind and merciful ,for Christ came to show u God’s…

  20. I have been. Through hell. I have cchronic depression and I have dogs that are all I have as my family could care less. I have prayed for years for God to help me with this depression – nothing happened. I have prayed continously for Good to protect my doggies, keep them healthy and safe. In a space of 2 months, 2 of my doggies got very ill and my one girll died 6 days ago. I am heartbroken, absolutely shattered and I have no more hope left. I always hear God tests the righteous and we must walk by faith. It seems those who do not really believe or pray has everything going for them and they get the best in life. Why should the good be tested and not the bad? Everyone I know that has a “wonderful” life doesn’t stand with God. I lost…

    1. Your feelings are often reflected in the psalms and many times by job. Why do the unrighteous prosper? The answer is God’s love. The righteous are tested so we can know we are His. Because when we are tested we can see the fruit of our faith that we are in Christ. Tribulation builds our patience. Which we need to run the race . God allows His rain and sun to be in the just and unjust so they can know His goodness. That He even loves those who hate Him.

    2. Christine i know that you feel like God is responsible for all of the suffering you are going through.. But let me tell you this.. The devil listens to everything that you pray about and attacks on the level that makes you think God is not listening.. Where I ME MYSELF and many others have gone wrong is that we dont trust God and that we dont think he loves or hears us. The opposite is very true.. The Father loves us with an everlasting love and he wants us to Trust and believe REGARDLESS of our situation. The bible says it rains on the just and the unjust.. The fall of adam and eve saw to that. I have been in a trial for over a year. Felt God has left and does not answer. I have learned through much heartache and loneliness to trust God.

  21. I use to bang real hard,but then I started going to church. I became a deacon and favor is not on my side. I needed a miracle buy was forsaken. I haven’t felt like this even when I was doing wrong. It’s frustrating

    1. You need to seek him with all your heart! Seek and you shall receive. Make the effort and make a change

  22. there is no god… the word god is a fiction or illusion. i’ve met lots of ppl who dont have religion or atheist but if u see them they are fine. i grew up with my granny who are religious woman. I believe & pray but why my life is so miserable. I don’t feel god’s presence. many time he left me when the time i needed him most. he forsaken me & ignore me when the time i needed him in my life. i pray & go to church but he doesnt like me to be intouch with him. after what happened to me lately, i realized there is really no god. he broke me & i’m now feel hopeless. he knows whats inside my heart but seems he doesnt care with me & my family. my kids they still have big faith in god eventhough we are suffering now. but no blessings from god

  23. God is a kind God,,,remember the scriptures where it says to boast in the knowledge that God is kind and merciful and gracious.Do not be so hard on yourself,,, please my brother..Remember Christ ,,His forgiveness,,,of the adulteress,,,,for the thief,,,,It is our mind and we are cooperating with devil to destroy ourself,,,,He gives a wrong image of our God,,,,do you know how many years He suffered with Israel idolatry and wicked and sinful ways ,,,more than 400 years,,,How many years with Israel in wilderness 40 years,,,,we are so foolish to not understand His love even when it is all around us ,,in His creation,,,,why accuse God ,,why not Satan,meditate in this ,bad things will happen but God is not in it,,,He loves you and is our refuge

    1. Thats true GOD did suffer them for many years I hope GOD hasn’t given up on me I feel the same way no fruit of GOD the Holy Spirit my heart feel hardened no joy peace or living waters just desolation I regret my sins and I don’t want to live anymore because I don’t even want the pleasures of the world

      1. Brent, I hear you and can understand. How have things been lately? I’ve been trying to reach out to various people in this situation, but so far I haven’t heard back. I’m hoping to hear stories of restoration.

        1. I sinned against God and the holy spirit in unthinkable ways and when i wanted to return i felt nothing. I didnt feel God no matter how hard i tired. For 2 weeks i been broken beyond measure and i never felt so scared and alone. Today i went to a random church and i sat by myself broken, and God sent someone to me and he told me that God has NOT forgotten you. I cried. Then again someone else told me that God is telling me to run to him and then God sent a women to ask me to have coffee with her (i been alone on this battle and its been hard). All random encounters. I then felt led to come here and tell everyone that Jesus loves you and he has NOT forgotten you. Please RUN to him. This time ill think twice before disobeying him. God is love

  24. God are you there? You have to be.
    I’m weak, where have you been for me.
    You’ve taken my wife by cancer, my mom, my dad, grandmother and now my second wife and children by divorce. Have I been that horrible of a person to you or anyone that you could continue punishing me. You know I’m a good man that doesn’t deserve this.
    If you’re that upset with me that you’ve forsaken me, please, take me away because I have nothing left. I just can’t take your test of faith again.
    I just can’t. Where are you in my time of need?

    1. The bible says you must love thy God more than your family or anything else. Have you been putting things/people above God? Run to him. He loves you

  25. God Bless you Tim, this is exactly the same problem I’ve been having and I’ve been feeling so doomed. There is nothing as bad as feeling as though even God has cast you aside. I’ts terrible. But now I know I must keep holding on.

  26. God left me as well and he left me for good, I’m just empty of life and I don’t agree at all that he’s trying me as per the psalm, none sense, I had a cross on a neck less I took it out, I was praying every night, not any more, I was happy with my familly, not any more, I was working, not anymore, I’m really on the edge of everything that should be. I still talk to him loudly, telling him that he’s too busy to take care of me. Anyhow, I don’t care anymore, what will happen will happen.
    God bless you all if he’s still here.

  27. I’ve spent the last 2 decades wanting to know where God is. Grew up in church, have been a Christian since I was 10, but I have not seen any reason to believe God cares about me, or that he is even there. I’ve been alone for so long, abused, neglected, and abandoned by everyone in my life; constantly sick with endless health problems (none of which will kill me, at least not quickly, just make me miserable) and so lonely that I would welcome death. I am sick if hearing from other Christians (who are so perfect that God always talks to and answers their prayers) that this is just God testing me or helping me grow. No loving God would make his child suffer as bad and as long as I have. Either he doesn’t love me, or he isn’t there at all.

    1. Have you heard the story of Job? God tested him and tested him. We are like clay and God is the potter! As he puts us through trials we must pass the trials. We then become molded into perfection through God.

  28. I sometimes feel like everybody left me, including God. I´m going through hard times right now (the girl I loved for three years now found boyfriend and se doesn´t want to talk to me). My mother is caring only about money and work (my parents are divorced), my dad is interested only in posting stupid articles about politics on facebook, and my sister cares only about her boyfriend. I used to pray every evening, but I don´t even pray anymore, because everytime I ask for small favors (not materialistic or financial, I have both) everything turns on me, my family, friends, teachers etc., I just feel like I´m God´s boxing bag that he hits without any reason at all.

  29. Stay encourage Ola God love you. He created you uniquely and specifically for his glory and to be his light in a dark world.

  30. Thank you for the question. I had been feeling the same for a little while. Thank you Tim for your uplifting response. I felt the love of the Lord when I read it. The peace, love, joy and the wisdom felt in the presence of the Lord returned, restoring my soul.

  31. Because God has favorites. He chooses who to bless and who to let suffer. I am one of those who He has never blessed. He hates me and this I have 100% proof. I am ready to just take my life and end thus misery. He clearly does not care. I don’t know why I embarrass myself pleading, crying, and begging to him. And it has only been for one thing. And He isbtaking joy in seeing me suffer. It’s pathetic that I still trust and believe. .

    1. Seek his face first and you will receive his hands. He loves you, but you need to push towards him. Die to self and have faith he is with you.

  32. Dear Brothers and Sisters. I was a high ranking soldier in His Royal Highness’ army. For Three scores of years, I successfully advised many, that man’s total duty is to glorify God and anything else we do apart from this is quite secondary. I’ve seen Gladness come to hundreds. AND NOW, The preacher cannot heal thyself. Death has touched me…. (sobbing) My speech has been bastardized and I cant speak full sentences. My tears have squelched out my vision. With a thousand miracles I have seen, my faith is almost totally gone. So…. my last words are a famous quote from His Book. Because he loves me. I will rescue him; I will make him great because he trusts in my name. When he calls on me I will answer: I will be with him in times off…

  33. Hi people.i read the comments and am going through a similar situation. I wasn’t perfect either and thought I was hanging I there wirh God. I’ve really tried hard but temptation really wore me down,and I lost round one. So I told God I’m sorry and am dusting myself off and am more determined than ever to win round two.My advice is keep asking God for more understanding ,and stand on the promises people. God Bless

  34. Praise the Lord.
    Thank you so much for your article. i got encouragement after reading this. I am going through so many afflictions. Please pray for me.


  35. I get that so well man. I feel the same. I don’t think I’ll make it to heaven but I will try to convince those that are perishing. I’m a sinful so called christian. I’m unfaithful and evil minded and there’s nothing in the world I can do about it. I wish you the best. I hope we don’t wind up in hell.

  36. Friends! Listen! The Word tells us to be content with what we have because He has said “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So two things. #1- What has your heart? Does your heart belong to the world or God? Are you self centered or Christ centered? If you are looking for God in anything but His Word or prayer to know Him intimately, you are looking for an idol. God is not a genie. He is a being with thoughts feelings and a personality. He is not a dumb statue that fulfills request. HE is a being full of love and compassion who desires you! His Word says if you seek Him you will find Him when you seek Him with all your heart, His promise is He will be found by you! We experience Him only by faith! NOT BY WORKS! You must believe it!

    1. If you are looking to experience His presence any other way you will not find Him. The Bible says those who come to Him must believe that He exists and that He is a rewarded of those who DILLIGENTLY seek Him. So don’t give up! Jesus last words to the apostles was REMEMBER I am with you always! If they had to remind themselves so do we! Declare it out loud to yourself and believe it! God’s presence is appropriated by faith. Believe first, then your feelings will follow. Bust first your mind must line up with the word of God. Look at What the Bible says about Samson- read reply

  37. “And she said, “The Philistines are upon you, Samson!” So he awoke from his sleep, and said, “I will go out as before, at other times, and shake myself free!” But he did not know that the LORD had departed from him.”(judges 16:20). Samson had know Idea the Holy Spirit had left him. He was not relying on a feeling look what He says- But look what Samson says- “I will go out as before and shake myself free!” He had faith not feeling! But he had violated God’s condition, namely not to shave His head. So the Lord departed. But we are under a much better covenant! The blood of Jesus! That makes us white as snow! Will you believe it!?!? Believe and receive that is the new covenant! Jesus said whatever you ask for believing to receive you…

  38. Shall have! This brings us to #2 are you seeking to find contentment in Him? Jesus said this is eternal life to know you and Jesus Christ whom you sent into the world. It tells us to be content! Because He said He will never leave you! That is key! If you are seeking the things of this world for contentment, you will not have Him. Because your focus is not on Him Don’t seek God just for what He can give you. That makes you a gold digger. Seek Him for Him! Your savior! Your Father a title He chose for Himself. Your Lord. Your all in all. Seek ye first the kingdom and His righteousness and all that you NEED, will be given you! These are promises from God’s Word and He cannot lie. Grab hold of them and recite and believe them.

  39. I am asking for prayer.God called me and I didn’t recognize Him. Please paray that he will speak to me again. I am dying fast.
    Please reply

    1. Just put your faith in Jesus for your salvation. Not in a voice. If you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus you shall be saved.

  40. I wish God would send me a spouse a Godly spouse who will read the bible for me when i am depressed like this…i wish God lends his ear one day when he feels like acting on my problems that depress me and God please help my daughter never to feel like me.my own life hurts me my prayers seem not to reach you.

  41. I have always had health issues with thyroid problems.I have always struggled with anxiety and depression but the Lord always helped me to get better.(without meds) I recently went through a psychosis and am now on meds that seem to be helping me.Leading up to my psychosis I prayed to the Lord to get rid of my racing thoughts,fears,anxiety etc.He seemed to heal me on several occasions but I kept having doubts and questioning if it was Him.Then I heared a voice in my head that I had blasphemed His Holy Spirit.I continually asked for forgiveness but I was overcome with fear and doubt.The scriptures seemed to warp and I couldn’t trust him.I cried out to God and said Lord I can’t pay for my sin you said it is finished.Then out of frustration…

  42. Continued…out of frustration I said…if I keep sinning I should die.Moments later I almost felt my heart stop in my chest ,I was nauseated and then I got cold and my eyes closed.I took a deep breath and sat up.After that I felt empty.like Gods Spirit left me.I feel that God is not for me anymore.I have had the most bizarre things happen.dreams my kids have told me,weird things my husband said in his sleep.(he’s a Christian).I cling to Gods word ,that he will never leave me and nothing can separate me from the love of God but I have no peace.Is it just a chemical imbalance or what?

  43. God does not love me any more, why doesn’t answer my prayers?? I graduated with top score 82% with dream of getting a job or scholarship after graduation but I couldn’t happen, I very disappointed that God can’t help me when I need him, people are trolling me regarding being unemployed while I got first mark as excellent student. I wish I could die right now. God never loved me , he doesn’t care the situation that I am passing through, some times I wonder if he is the one who created me ,

    1. I got low scores at my finals and God sent a prophet to me and she spoke over my life. That healed my depression. Years later I quit my job because of depression and God revealed the holy spirit to me and that changed my life. What I’m trying to say is . . . Just because things don’t go our way doesn’t mean God is not there. God works in ways we don’t understand but it’s for his glory and for our benefit.

  44. Dear one in Christ , believe in Christ and His death on the cross for us.The word of God says He is merciful and kind .Would you do likewise if your child has done this and expressed his doubt when you helped .Would you be angry at Him,no way.Then How will put great God who is merciful and whom bible calls as love do what you say.The God whom you see in minds eye is not Character of a true God.I would encourage you to hear Joyce Myer battlefield of the mind.I have suffered years with the similar thought of God but I know He is not like that.He is a kind and good father.I encourage you my sister in Christ that may the truth of His grace and love sink deep in your soul.Enjoy His love ,,observe how a child is full of trust in their parents

  45. He came to me and I didn’t recognize him. I know he has left me.Please pray he will give me another chance. He has hardened my heart.please help.

  46. Please I wish to hear some words of encouragement though because even though I’m trying to encourage some I still feel lost. I feel like all the men of God in the Bible who hit super rock bottom. But despite that I will push through and truly believe God’s word. “I will always be with you, I’ll never forsake you, he so loves the world not wanting anyone to perish.” We need to build that faith everyone. We aren’t from this world so the Lord is going to make us go through fire to really see if we are all about him or if we are just living a religion. I want to throw the towel down so bad, but God doesn’t put you through anything you can’t handle. God bless you all my lovely brothers and sisters in Christ. I love you all in the love…

  47. I have gone through everything that the author of this post has gone through. I grew up in the church. I’m empty inside. I feel like a useless person because I have no purpose in life nor am I making a difference in anybody’s life. I don’t feel like I have any Fruits of the Spirit. I remember the day it happened. I was working and caught up in a daydream and *poof*. I felt something or somebody left me. My life changed drastically after that. I have a hardened heart and nothing affects me. I have prayed the sinner’s prayer so many times but still feel no change. I know it’s probably too late but if there are any true prayer people on here, I desperately could use prayer and hope that I still have a chance to be saved.

  48. I’ve been reading through the comments and would like to point to Psalms 88. It’s the only Psalm that doesn’t have a conclusion at the end. The Psalmist sounds as if he is experiencing a lot of what we all are experiencing in here. But 2 things in the psal. We can look at is the author though feels estranged from God and the world of the living, he still calls God the God of his salvation. He also believes his prayer comes before God every morning. We don’t know the man’s fate, but maybe it’s in the Bible to show us we are still to have faith that God is the God of our salvation and that we are still to cry out to Him in all hopelessness. I am struggling like a lot of the stories in here, but I’m not giving up in God’s mercy.

  49. Am going through the toughest part of my life for 15 months now, thank you for sharing, already feeling stronger and better, God bless you

  50. i really feel like God has abandoned me. I have trusted soo much in Him but i feel like he has left me to suffer all on my own. Nothing seems to be working in my life. i am a single mother with a very seasonal job and was recently diagnosed with a chronic disease and cant even afford the treatment.

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