How Do You Know When God Is Talking to You?

Question from a Site Viewer

How do you know when God is talking to you?

I have prayed for something to God and it’s something that I really wanted–my financial breakthrough! And God has answered me. Now that it’s time to move forward with what I have asked from God I have begun to develop doubts and fears. I can still refuse the money. Now I am confused. I don’t know if God is warning me not to go on with the execution of what He has blessed me with or if I am being burdened with fear from the enemy.

Please enlighten me, because I must decide.

Tim’s Answer

Thanks for the question. Listening for the voice of God in our lives is a needed thing if we are to walk with Him. We pray, we listen, and we obey.

However, I think sometimes we have a wrong conception of God. He wants us to pray about everything and seek His will. He wants us to be open to His leading. But He also wants us to trust. And he also calls us to exercise wisdom in our lives. There would be no role for wisdom in choices if God always told us what to do.

My short take then is that having prayed and sought God’s will, and because you seem to be unsure still of what God wants, I would seek to apply wisdom to the situation and make the best decision you can make, seeking of course counsel from others as well. If God wants you to make a particular choice, He is big enough to guide you to that choice. And He has done that many times for me. More often, however, I pray and seek His will and hear nothing particular from Him about what choice I should make. In those situations, I take it that He is okay with whatever choice I make and that His promise is that He will be with me. He also will use my choice when I sought Him to perfect me and bless others. I think at times, having asked, we should have faith that He will be in our decisions, even when we do not see an obvious sign or hear some voice.

I hope this helps.

A fellow pilgrim,

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