Is Using Methadone a Sin?

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I’m a Christian now . . . but I was a hard-core drug addict . . . I was on heroin for years . . . in order to get off of it, the Lord allowed me to get help from the clinic. I’m on methadone now. I don’t think it’s a drug; it just blocks the withdrawals and it blocks the desire to use again. I plan on going off it in a few months. Do you think I will go to hell for taking methadone? I believe since the doctor prescribed it to me, since it’s not an illegal drug, and because it just keeps me from having withdrawals and wanting to use, that it’s not wrong. I plan on being off in about 5 or 6 months . . .

Tim’s Answer
Thank you for your question. You have made two of the most important decisions in your life. First, you have surrendered your life to the Lord Jesus and now wish to honor Him with your life. That is the most important decision, because it impacts not only the quality of your life here, but your life for eternity. I trust that you will seek to follow Jesus with all of your heart, that you will love Him most deeply, and that your heart will grow to yearn for Him always. He is a friend who wants to be in a meaningful and rich relationship with you.

Second, your decision to stop using drugs is critical to life. Paul states in 1 Corinthians 6:12 that all things are lawful, but not all things are helpful and that he would not be brought under the power of any. To state this in another way, of the things that are lawful for us to do, we should avoid doing that which ultimately controls us. This is hard, because what controls us often does so because we crave the immediate pleasure it brings. Learning to say “no” to these desires is critical to living a rich and good life, one pleasing to God and to others. But do not focus on the “no.” Rather, focus on desiring Jesus. Everything you wanted that was supplied from drugs, seek from Jesus. Over time, you will find a relationship so rich with Him that you will wonder what took you so long. Those who seek Him with all of their heart will find the breadth, length, depth, and height of His love to be completely overwhelming, so much so that they will fall on their knees in wonder and grace. Always, always, keep your eyes focused on Jesus.

And seek to be a blessing to others. I suspect you have wasted many years in which you have not been much of a blessing to others. But that is now in the past. Don’t fret about it. Rather, every morning, when you arise, ask Jesus to allow you to be a blessing to someone that day. And then, seek to see how He answers that prayer.

And, no, you will not go to hell because you are using methadone. One goes to hell because one does not choose to trust in Jesus for help. I am on a cancer drug, prescribed by a doctor, and it is a gift of God. Using methadone in accordance with a doctor’s direction is a good thing. I would follow your provider’s instruction on how long you should be on this medication. Be upfront and honest. When the time comes for you to be off of it, I pray that the Lord Jesus will keep you safe in Him and that your life will only grow more rich and rewarding.

In the meantime, serve God by serving others. If you can, it would be good to get some type of job so that you can use it to help pay for your expenses as well as expand your ability to give to others. Learn to be a blessing to all.

And may the Lord Jesus bless you as you seek to follow Him.

A fellow pilgrim,


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  1. This was very encouraging to me. I love Jesus with all that I am, but I am an ex drug user. I am on methadone, and I feel shameful for being on methadone, because I desire to live a sinless life in absolute submission to Jesus! It’s the HARDEST thing I’ve ever gone through. Without the methadone I feel sick without any energy. I’ve prayed for God to free me, but I think God wishes for me to experience the hardship of overcoming my addiction in order to be an inspiration to others, and so I will def. not make the same mistake. Satan wants us to feel condemnation, but there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.. I desire to be a mighty man of God who proclaims the Gospel of Jesus to anyone and everyone!

    -Brian F

    1. Thank you for this, I just started at my local methadone clinic on Tuesday, today is my third day on methadone after over 16 years of drug abuse. Im 36 years old & have wasted my whole adult life in this sin of drug addiction but Im feeling soo guilty now & feel like The Lord is angry & will turn away from me because Im on methadone. I know that I am suppose to live my life in total submission to Him & His will & I feel like Im not even trying. It took me so long to even take the step of going to the clinic because I know The Lord wants me to be totally dependent on Him for everything & I feel like Im sinning even worse by being on MMT. Thank you for showing me another way to look at my situation… God bless you, Chasidy

      1. Hi,
        I am also near your age, but am on Suboxone for addiction. I felt this way too at first where I felt like God was real angry with my not relying on him for my disease. I now dont feel this way because I know that some people receive healing right away and sometimes others take longer as I have seen. I too have the strongest urge I have had to come to Jesus and found it easy to fall into feeling totally unable to please him or become saved. You are on the best start. Trust in Jesus. Read.

    2. I think the same thing I also struggle with this same subject…I’m going to school and a slowly trying to taper off I have to stop and go on this detox ..I’m planning to be a med missionary ..that is the reason why I’m in school. Coming off of this methadone is so hard . And I pray go to church but feel. Like I should be able to pray and walk off . Cause I believe he can heal me but I always end up getting scared and taking it . I pray that there are better alternative detox ficilitys that I can go to and afford that I can just go in and get into inpatient….I haven’t found one yet if anyone knows please let me know about it …in the northwest USA. . (Ps I’ve been on methadone for over 15 years I’m 40 now I started drugs…

      1. Hi Grace there are many detox centers that u could go to wat part of U.S. are u in, they have Teen Challenge which is a Christian rehab so I’m not sure if you’re looking for just the detox n be done or to actually go through treatment, let me know and I’ll do my best to help u out sister ok . God Bless you

      2. The doubt and you being afraid, comes from satan. He is a liar, deceiver. He doesn’t want you to be free from the methadone. You must trust im God. Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood on Calvary. He did this for you too. You are healed. It’s yours. Stand firm on His word. Tell satan to go back to hell where he belongs. He’s already been defeated. Rebuke him and his evil tactics, to keep you under bondage of relying on methadone. You are set free! Now believe it. Thank God! Prsise Him!

    3. That is only Satan wanting to condemn you. There is no condemnation is Christ as Word says. Idk about you but I dont get high or intoxicated from my MMT whatsoever. That’s when it would be problem. Bible says to BE SOBER , of SOBER MIND, not a DRUNK OR DRUNKENNESS which are all sinful. God knows your heart and that is most important. I don’t plan to be on it for my entire life but the short time I have been on it has kept me off heroin AFTER my being truly born again as that is what really did it. Doing to dose daily takes discipline self control and commitment does it not? All good qualities and since off illegal drugs the fog has lifted and I was able to feel again and saw i needed a Savior. Faith in Him alone gets us to heaven. Pray…

    4. I’m so thankful for these posts! I’ve been struggling with feelings of condemnation for being on the methadone program. I have seriously wondered if it hinders my relationship with JESUS. Thank you for edifying your sister in Christ. ❤

    5. Amen to you im going through program . And im on 135 mgs but just in this last week trusting in god have only took 60 mgs a day you can do it .The closer you draw to Jesus he will give you the strength to stop.I believe it with all my heart.Dont give up .Just trust him. Pray and seek him in his word.He will tell you what to do.I send my love and prayers to you as a brother in Christ Jesus may gods peace be with you.

  2. I can so relate to everyone here. I love Jesus with all I have – but I am on suboxone after many years of opiate abuse along with alcohol, meth, heroin, etc. I keep questioning if I should go off the suboxone – but then immediately I start fantasizing of using other opiates again. On suboxone, I am able to function and work and have a life – finally after abusing opiates for years. I too am afraid of ending up in hell for my weakness. I think the Lord is disappointed in me – that he will say “Away with you – I never knew you…”

    1. i am sorry to hear you think he will say ”i never knew you’ i am 65 i got saved at 42. when i got saved i was as strung out as you can get and suicidal. i am on suboxone, have been for 4 years. i had epidurals after being clean for 13 years which led to percs and vicodin with a little heroin in between. when i started taking subs it helped somewhat like methadone to chill out. but when you have back pain you almost welcome something to help relieve pain. if i were any one of you i would not get off till the lord makes a way, anything short of that is that stigmatation put on you by the world. i am diabetic also , but i dont question taking meds. the world doesnt know how the average addict brain thinks. we need chemicals sometimes…

  3. I was a drug addict,started from a injury but spiraled out of control,eventually I was buying prescription drugs from anyone I could,it almost cost me my marriage. I decided after finding Jesus to quit,after a withdrawal about caused me to give up an use I went the methadone clinic. It helped,I had the strength to quit everything but after a few years I decided to wing off the methadone,after coming done almost 50% I had a severe withdraw attack,my wife called a ambulance, heart paps, and seizures caused to decide another method of quitting,I went to a detox clinic,after 5 days they asked me to leave,they wouldn’t be responsible of me,my heart rate jumped so high they checked it every 15 minutes, I want free and follow Jesus!wat to do now?

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    I was on methadone 35 years..I walked off in faith also 40 years on valium.. I fought to stay off 3@ half years was never happy no energy ..GOD never told me too walk off.. I am Born again LOVE JESUS and seek him daily..I was so upset when I got back on the clinic..BUT GOD is a GOD of the impossible..He dose things in his time..I believe I will be free in a super natural way..Never walk off a 35 year habit ..I was very sick in bed a year…GOD knows our hearts and when we are called NOTHING can stop your calling.. Bless you all….And if you don’t get off its all long as you are doing GODS will and seeking him.. you are safe…..

  5. I’m a Christian and I want off methadone bad so please pray for me…nothing is impossible with God…And may God bless all of you!!!

    1. I too am on it brother b I will pray you will be set free as Jesus said we are free indeed! Please pray for me too

  6. I’m 36 and have been on methadone nearly 11 yrs. Lately, after really assessing my faith in Jesus Christ realized I have been living for myself and just moving day to day just filled with lazy pleasures and not having the fellowship I used to have before all the prescription opiates. I now have been pulling closer to Christ through prayer and reading the word, and I want to surrender all to Him, but can’t get off the MMT due to withdrawals/mental addiction. I keep thinking maybe I’m not really saved and heading toward Hell. I have to remind myself daily that we are saved through faith, but the doubting still lingers. I want nothing more than to continually walk in the Holy Spirit, but fear MMT makes it harder to discern. Please pray for me.

    1. Brother I know exactly what you mean I feel the same way! I pray that you will be set free from the lies of the enemy and even our own flesh ! We are more than conquerors thru Him , even when we don’t”feel” it! I will be praying for you please do the same for med I’m so glad I’m not alone in this

    2. Hi erik. My name is Danny,Im 37 and on methadone 11 years also. I gave my heart to Jesus 5 years ago and have tried twice to get off of it at home..Both times it was taking too long to feel well enough to work so as bills got behind and I got tired of laying around i relapsed.I think inpatient 4 me

    3. were saved by Gods Grace and usin methadone 4 bettering your life would not send anyone to hell.I do however believe that methdon numbs me a bit or makes it hard to feel present minded,or suppresses emotion that i now want to feel and that could negativly affect my intimacy with Jesus.Any1 relate?

    4. Erik
      Hello, my names Kelly. I’m 42 and have been on methadone since age 16. Yes,26 yrs! I’ve tried detox and it ruined my life both times. Ive come to terms with it being a part of a healthy life4 me. I started praying & reading the bible 2yrs ago. I have ask him if my medication is a sin or offends him. I think if your heart belongs to him, u follow his word, then ur saved. God bless you.

      1. Hi Kelly, I am about the same age as you and have been on the methadone program for 20 years.
        To me it is no different than someone who is on antidepressant medication, I don’t get high from it, I simply get stability, not one person has ever realized I was on a medication until I told them.

        I agree with you God knows our heart and if we are doing our best to walk with him

  7. I have beenon methadone for a year 6months . I now worry i will never be off of it im 21 and have been addicted to opiates for 4 years .i work 40 hours a week and go to school full time .i also have a baby and am married . i have not been saved but i have felt the holy spirit and know that i want to follow god but feel that my mmt is getting in the way of me my faith because it numbs me so much
    Mmt is the only reason i can hold a job and go to school but i still feel guilty i feel that putting mmt before god is wrong i cant make love to my wife i can hardly remember anything past a few days ago i want to be methadone free and i know that the holy spirit is all i have and i just want to follow god be a good person and raise my family

    1. Hi Kevin, I have been on/off methadone for the past 10 years and I know exactly how you feel. I have gone through the withdrawals many times and no, it’s not fun but it’s a lot more bearable than the withdrawals from roxy or oxy. It just takes a lot longer. Have you thought about slowly tapering, like 3 mgs a week or every other week? If you do that, the withdrawals won’t be nearly as bad. I was clean for a whole year in 2013 because of drug court and although the cravings were there, they lessened a lot after awhile. I couldn’t believe how much happier I was and how much more energy I had. Plus, God blessed me in so many ways during that year. I got into a stable house of my own, my drivers license, a car, the best job I’ve ever had.

      1. Hi my name is sylvia I am 54 years old and I’ve been on methadone for 18 years I was on 210 I am now on 89 mg I’ve been tapering off slowly I am a believer also and I have felt about everything that each one of you are saying I have felt guilty condemned that I’m going to hell but those are lies of the enemy as I’m reading your replies tears are coming down my eyes I could feel the pain in each one of you I just want you to know that Jesus loves you

    2. Hello Kevin I to am on methadone.I have been for 10 years.But I recently got saved.The most important decision in life is being saved and asking God to come into our hearts and cleanse us.Please get saved, God bless you brother.

  8. I have been on maintenance for about six months. My doctors and therapist are very happy with my progress. Methadone gave me hope. Immediately took away the sickness, mood swings, fear, debt, and plummeting self-esteem, and even the chronic back pain that caused me to abuse painkillers in the first place. That nightmare lasted five years and I was wishing that something would put me out of my misery. Yet all along I knew that Jesus must be there with me, and that someday things would get better. I happened to go on the clinic right in the nick of time, and things fell into place so neatly that I find it impossible to believe this treatment wasn’t meant to happen. This God-given medicine saved my life, and I try to remember to be thankful.

  9. I am a nurse at a methadone clinic and desire to serve our Savior Jesus Christ with all my might too. I believe most patients receive methadone by God’s grace. Even so, I pray about giving such a strong medicine to patients. Methadone treatment is very difficult, there are so many requirements patients must fulfill. Patients have the ability to share God’s love and forgiveness in groups and reveal all God is through their testimony, this is the most any of us can do. I pray that people hear your testimony and are set free in their souls. As suggested above, very small medication reductions may be helpful. Having misplaced guilt around treatment can steal God’s pure joy which He desires for us. Many of us must take medications daily.

    1. Lynn thank you sooo deeply for your share !! I needed to hear this !! I struggle with the thought of maybe I can’t move up into leader ship in my church because I’m on methadone but I know Gods will for me is to help other theory leader ship

  10. i am 39 years old and have been on methadone for 23 years.It saved my life and keeps me sane and grounded.My Lord would not condemn such a blessing

  11. i dont know what happened i tried to post and everthing disappeared but this i know nothing can separate you from the love of god. one other thing, dont let the worlds idea of “goodness”, their stigmatation to bother you take your meds and pray for help with temptation, it will come.i am 65 yrs old , i got saved at 42 a absolute junkie as the world says for years. my motivation came out of guilt. i just pray for those who judge , for they think they are immune. they have their own problems like gossip or maybe they are religious do gooders, dont worry about it. you know what is helping you so use it. what is the alternative? you are what you are by the grace of god. maybe he is going to usee you to help those like yourself, i dont know.

  12. I think that maybe the devil is filling our minds with lies, saying we’re not good enough because we’re addicts and because we “don’t have enough faith” to get off of methadone. He wants us to become discouraged and give us a harder time so we fail and don’t use the tool that is methadone to help as a stepping stone to overcome addiction. God needs people from all over the place so that we’re in the position to help others. Maybe one day I’ll be able to help an addict at the clinic. I do know that if you’re not ready and 100% committed to going through the entire withdrawal process, you’ll have gone through all that suffering just to relapse and satan will be right there tempting you to use because it’s one of his biggest…

    1. Amen! The more time goes on Im thinking the same thing! It’s the feeling of condemnation that’s getting in our way Not the methadone! Satan is the accuser of the brethren!

  13. I am a believer in Jesus Christ and a professional counselor at a Methadone Clinic. I have seen the shame some feel in using Methadone and also being a serious believer in Christ. I have also seen people taper down slowly and are able to be drug free. But for some, the Methadone has brought stability to their lives. I know people that have been on it for years and they lives good lives. There will always be people that may not understand why you take it. The Lord will help you cope w/shame

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