How Can I Love Jesus More?

Question from a Site Viewer

How can I love Jesus more?

Tim’s Answer

Love is never centered in the external things we do, but in the longing of the heart.  The Pharisees read and memorized many books of the Scriptures, prayed long prayers, fasted two times a week, and strictly adhered to all of the religious requirements that they had been taught, but they did not love God.  It is great to read the Bible and pray, to sing and praise, and to do all of the other external aspects of religion, but only if we first love God.  Jesus said of the Jewish leaders of His day that the people honor Him with their lips but their heart is far from Him (Matthew 15:7-9).  Love towards God is making God the object of one’s affections in the heart.  The first and great command is to love God with all of our hearts.  As we draw our hearts towards our God, the heart’s desires for sin will weaken.

You ask how you can love Jesus more.  Love is a command in Scripture.  Love is drawing our hearts into another.  We grow in love as we draw our hearts towards our Savior.  We long for Him.  We seek to be with Him.  We treasure His company.  We meditate on His words.  We adore Him.  We thank him from the heart.  We spend quality time with Him.  We do not see Him as the means to something else, but He Himself is the special treasure we seek.

May Jesus become the love of your life, your joy, and delight.  If you draw your heart to Him, you will gain a treasure that will supersede the passing pleasures of sin.

A sojourner,
love Jesus more

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  1. This is good counsel to remember. I miss Tim so much! But it is nice to remember that Tim no more longs and seeks for Jesus, but is there in Heaven enjoying Jesus face to face, and plus that…pain free! Thank you Jesus for Tim who continues to point us in the right way.

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