Life Is About the Choices We Make

Question from a Site Viewer

I give in to sin way too often!

I have fallen away from Christ. I need to repent. The other day my thoughts were blasphemous. This has happened more than once. And I struggle with sins of the flesh. I find pleasure in this carnal unrighteousness. I know my life is not pleasing to Christ. I fear the wrath of God. I am not well-versed in scripture, yet I know enough of the Bible to know that the Lake of Fire is real. I need to balance the concepts of grace and works.

Tim’s Answer

Thanks for the comment. Life is about the choices we make. Every day God gives us new chances to draw near to Him or to draw away from Him. What happened yesterday is never as critical as the choice we make today. If we draw near to God in our choices, then He will draw near to us.

I know that sometimes we feel trapped. But I think that generally happens when we are trying to do God’s will in our own strength. Galatians 5 has much to say about this. The power to please God comes for those who choose to let the Spirit of God be involved in their lives. When we walk in the Spirit, then we will not fulfill the desires of the flesh. Walking with the Spirit is not something mysterious, but rather it is choosing each moment to stay attentive to the Spirit’s leading in our lives. If we seek to be close to Him, then we will find our minds transformed so that our desires change. When we draw away from Him, then we sin. If we choose not to be close but think we can still keep from sinning, we deceive ourselves. The only way to victory is through walking step by step with God.

I encourage you to get into the Bible, memorize it, meditate upon it, and seek to do what God says to do. Draw near to Him and your mind will be transformed into righteousness. But it all begins with a choice. As Moses says in Deuteronomy 30, we need to choose life. Every minute of life we have a choice to make. May those choices be for God.

May the Lord Jesus guide you towards purity, righteousness, and love,

knowing vs doing

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