Becoming Spiritually Strong Requires Action

Question from a Site Viewer

I want to be a prayer warrior. I need help to be spiritually strong again. I feel that it’s nearly impossible. What do I need to do?

Tim’s Answer

Desiring to be effective in prayer and to be spiritually strong is the starting point. But desire without action is like a dream. It can inspire but it does not bring results. To be effective in prayer, we must abide in Christ. This is the message of John 15:1-8. Our strength and our effectiveness comes only from dependency on our God. Thus, to accomplish your desire, I urge you to practice a daily dependency on God. Pray about everything. Seek the Spirit’s help in making decisions about what you should do. Seek the Spirit’s strength in helping you resist temptation. Seek the Spirit’s love in your dealings with people who may be difficult for you to handle, as well as for those whose friendship comes easy. Develop a heart of devotion to Christ. Take time to worship Him. Thank Him for who He is. Praise Him. Take a passage of Scripture and meditate on it. Seek guidance from the Spirit to understand the passage in a way that God means for you to understand. Develop a love for Scripture and seek Christ in the pages of Scripture. These are the things that constitute abiding in Christ. He is our life. We need to live life such that He is a part of everything we do.

If you pursue these things, you will find yourself pursuing God. And as you draw near to God He will draw near to you and show Himself strong on your behalf. But if you draw away, He also will draw away from you. So, make it your aim always to draw near. And if you do go away, return immediately to God in confession and holy living. You will find a rich life with Christ; you will meet God in your prayers, you will find a strength you never had in Him, and you will find Him welcoming you into His eternal home one day.

May you not ever look back, but always look to Jesus and serve Him faithfully.

a pilgrim,

spiritually strong