Jesus Paid My Debt

This poem reminds us of the heavy debt Jesus paid for us. He gave His life so we could be free of sin’s bondage.

This poem was recently (well, not so recently; I’ve been busy and my computer’s been in the shop) submitted to us. It’s a beautiful reminder of the debt that Jesus paid for us. He gave His life. He paid for our sins. He paid the debt that we owe.

Jesus Paid My Debt

What Christmas Means to Me

A Christian poem about the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus Christ.

Christmas. It’s almost here. We can focus on spending all our hard earned money in order to go deeply into debt so we can enjoy fighting an uphill battle to re-balance our finances for 2009, or we can focus on the real meaning of the season – Jesus Christ.

I choose the latter.

Tim’s written a poem describing a man with just this kind of focus – a man dedicated to knowing and finding His savior.

It’s called What Christmas Means to Me.