Christmas Is Coming

Coming to a place near you
The Christmas show is on its way
Complete with all the thrills and spills
Of trying to keep your debt at bay
No one must be cast adrift
For this is when you prove yourself
To be the loving, caring soul
Who likes to share your meagre wealth.

You have a list of all the names
Of friends and relatives you know
Because they’re sure to buy for you
The strain of keeping up does show
Perhaps they’re happy with the thought
That someone cares enough to send
Glad tidings of The Saviour’s birth
The One on who we all depend.

So let us radiate the truth
Of what this time is all about
A baby born of meagre means
Who lived to serve the down and out
With all the money that we waste
The greed and gluttony portrayed
Brings shame upon The Son of man
His life and work we have betrayed.

A Christian poem by:  Mike Bullock

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