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Sorry I haven’t posted for some time. Life (and sometimes death) just gets in the way sometimes. I’m starting to catch up on things and will get back to posting new content soon.

Sometimes, with Tim gone, I just feel so inadequate to run the site. I can’t answer questions the way he could. I can’t give the insight that he gave. But I can continue to post new material (and many older items that Tim wrote that are yet unpublished) and will do so soon!

Stay tuned!

In His service,


I Can’t Feel God – Am I Saved?

I’ve prayed and tried to repent over the past two years. I’m somewhat improved, but I can’t point to a time I was regenerated, born again or saved. I want to be more Christ-like but I just don’t seem to have the will or strength to do it, and I don’t seem to be able to get strength from God either. For instance, I know I should fellowship with believers but I don’t.

Can you relate?

Am I Really Saved?

Tim Binder Passed Away

Sorry for the blunt title, but I didn’t know how else to say it. Tim has passed away. No more will we be getting the detailed, intricately woven tapestry of biblical logic we’re used to reading. I found Tim in his house on Friday, December 5, 2014, kneeling by his bed. His arm was outstretched, as if in supplication to God. I can’t help but think he was praying for us as he always did. I feel like a child without a dad. Alone and afraid.

But that’s not what Tim wanted. He wanted us to be confident in the risen Jesus Christ. So take heed to the words of Tim’s poem and remember that even though Tim’s body has failed, Christ remains with us. And we will see Tim again in glory someday.

No, not really.
While I am gone
Christ always is with thee.

And though you will grieve
And weep and mourn,
Christ grieves with you;
His heart is torn.

Have faith,
Yes, most truly
Trust in God,
And you shall come to me.

In glory, oh Jesus!
Amazing indeed!
He’s more wonderful than
What we ever believed.

For now, we grieve and despair in our great loss. But we remain firm in our hope. We have Jesus, who is closer than a brother. His Spirit will guide us. It’s time to take hold of the reins and do what we’ve been created to do — know and love Jesus — our risen savior.

If you knew Tim and were touched by him, feel free to comment on his memorial page at the following link.

Tim’s Memorial Page–He Walked with God