Leave Sin Behind and Trust God’s Promises

As I was posting this article today, I could literally hear Tim’s voice talking to me. I could see his face and I remembered his life. These words weren’t lip service for him. These words were him. He spoke them, displayed them, lived them.

If you’ve sinned too many times, if you’re feeling hopeless and that you’ve done too much for God to forgive, stop! Trust Him. Trust His promises. Though your sins are as scarlet, they shall be white as snow. He wants us to return to Him, forsake our lives of sin then live out a life of faith in His Word.

Leave Your Sin Behind and Return to Jesus

Living in Fear Is No Way to Live

Recently we received an email from a reader who stated that he was “living in fear every day.” We say that this is no way to live. And we also say that the Bible teaches us that we do not need to be afraid. We should not live under condemnation but in the freedom of Jesus Christ. He has broken our chains of bondage. He has released us from the weight of past sin. Trust His promises.

I Am Living in Fear Every Day

They’ll Know We Are Christians By our Love

Debate, debate, debate. It’s all I ever hear. But that’s not what we’re called to do as Christians. We’re called to love. We’re called to serve. We are to be servants. Debates and theological systems mean nothing without love. First and foremost, we love. And unless we do that, hearts will not be won. Remember the calling.

If We Have Theological Systems but Have not Love . . .

It’s Possible to Avoid Sexual Sin

Sin, in all its forms, is enticing. And once we give in to temptation, saying no only becomes more difficult. Having an addictive personality myself, I know how hard it can be to say no when we’re used to saying yes. But it is possible. And it has to do with who or what we love the most.

Do you love Jesus more than anything or anyone? Really?

How Can I Avoid Sexual Sin?

Loving Jesus More

Have you ever felt hopeless? Empty? Devoid of emotion? Have you ever felt like sin was dragging you so far down into the muck and mire that finding a way out seemed impossible? I have.

And at such times, I wonder. I ponder. I feel like loving God is the most difficult thing in the world. The world pulls me in every direction. My job. Music. Free time. My phone. My computer. Movies. Food. God becomes an afterthought. Loving Him seems nearly impossible. How do you love someone you can’t see or hear?

How Can I Love God More?