Will God Bring My Wife Back?

My wife left me even though I was loyal and treated her well. She still says she loves me but I don’t know what that means. Every time we talk we argue. Now my life seems meaningless. I work to pay alimony and child support and I’m just trying to piece my life back together again. I still love my ex-wife and I want her to return to me. I am constantly praying that God will work a miracle. Will God bring her back to me?

Will God Bring My Ex-Wife Back to Me?

No Remorse!

Have you ever fallen so deeply into sin that it just started to feel normal? Sin is pleasurable, but the pleasure is fleeing. When the sin is done, the pleasure is gone and you’re left feeling empty. If you’re no longer feeling remorse for your sin, if you’re not feeling convicted any longer, it’s time to take steps to rectify the situation. We want our treasure to be in heaven, not here in this temporary place.

I Have No Remorse for My Sin

Victory Over Internet Porn

So many struggle with Internet porn. It may seem as if you’ve beat it one moment, then the next you’re watching it again. If you’re stuck in a cycle of sin with Internet porn and feeling hopeless–don’t lose hope! It is possible to win the battle against Internet porn. It can be done. If you want to win the battle, I can tell you how to do it. But I will also tell you that most people are too lazy to fight to win the battle against porn. We fail to bring our thoughts into captivity and because we do not gird up the loins of our minds (1 Peter 1:13), we continue to lose.

Winning the Battle Against Internet Porn

Has God Abandoned Me?

I have sinned again. Deliberately. I have repented again. I have been through this cycle time and time again. Sin intentionally. Avoid God. Feel bad. Ask God for forgiveness. Feel better. Live with Him. Give in to temptation and enjoy it. Live without God for a while . . . this cycle makes me feel as though my repentance isn’t real. Maybe I’m just living in a completely deceived state, thinking I’m forgiven when I’m really not.

Has God Abandoned Me?

Christians Should Give, Give, Give!

Giving can be a touchy subject. It seems as though churches are always saying, “Give, give, give!” And some are. But it doesn’t matter what the churches say. What matters is what God says. And what matters is the condition of our hearts. It often seems like the people who complain the most about giving are the ones with the most toys. People get attached to the things this world has to offer. But as followers of Jesus, we lay up our treasure in heaven.

Tithes and Offerings–Why Should I Give?