An Accurate Chronology of Scripture

We were asked if a comprehensive chronology of biblical events might be possible. While we appreciate the effort it would take to complete such a chronology, we find it impossible to agree that the dates would be valid. In fact, we find it difficult to believe that creating an accurate, comprehensive chronology of scriptural events is even possible (it would be based largely on supposition). We encourage intensive studying of the Bible, but we also encourage Christians to give priority to doing God’s will and practice loving people rather than spending a majority of time increasing knowledge of Biblical facts that may not deepen our relationship with God or others.

Creating an Accurate Chronology of Scripture

Is It Better to Know or to Do?

As Christians, we love to study. We want to know God’s Word. We spend time in it. And this is exactly what we should do. But for many, the Christian life stops there. There’s not a whole lot of doing. We need to be not only hearers, but doers. We need to take our knowledge and engage with others.

Knowing vs Doing — Knowledge Puffs Up but Love Builds Up

How to React When We Feel Abandoned by God

Recently a reader sent in a question about feeling disconnected from God. The person felt that God and His Holy Spirit had abandoned them–that God had turned them over to a reprobate mind. How should we react when we feel separated from God? How can we reconnect? Does God really ever abandon people?
God Left Me — Why Has He Forsaken Me?

God Forgives

A reader recently sent us a question about God’s forgiveness. He states:

I always end up feeling guilty once I sin and repent because I can’t believe that God really does forgive me when I know I did it on purpose. Doesn’t He get tired of me continually asking to be forgiven for the same thing over and over again? I find it so incredibly hard to believe that He really does forgive me . . .

Does God Really Forgive Me After Repeated Sin?

Addicted to Pornography–Is There a Way Out?

So many people write to us about their seemingly hopeless addiction to pornography. Our advice? Take control of it. You are not a slave nor are you a prisoner. You are fully in control of what you do and what you think about. It starts with training the mind. Read the Word. Pray. Memorize Scripture. Think on things that are holy. If one focuses on the things of Jesus Christ, thoughts of illicit sex and pornography will slowly recede.

Watching Porn — How Do I Stop?