An Accurate Chronology of Scripture

We were asked if a comprehensive chronology of biblical events might be possible. While we appreciate the effort it would take to complete such a chronology, we find it impossible to agree that the dates would be valid. In fact, we find it difficult to believe that creating an accurate, comprehensive chronology of scriptural events is even possible (it would be based largely on supposition). We encourage intensive studying of the Bible, but we also encourage Christians to give priority to doing God’s will and practice loving people rather than spending a majority of time increasing knowledge of Biblical facts that may not deepen our relationship with God or others.

Creating an Accurate Chronology of Scripture

5 thoughts on “An Accurate Chronology of Scripture”

  1. I have wondered just how much time we have wasted studying theology only to never put it into real life. good theology leads to good practice, but too much theology can mean no time for practice.

  2. jesus said seek and you will find this means he wants us to be seekers you are telling people to billive in blind faith we can not have blind faith only have faith in jesus and become seekers just like him.

    1. We’re not suggesting that intensive studying is inappropriate. It isn’t. But if it trumps “doing” then perhaps focus should be readjusted. Sometimes intense study leads to isolation instead of practicing the Christian life.

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