GT Royd graces our website with a new article about luck

Over a game of Cribbage, two opponents started discussing the place of luck. One sincere Christian said, “Of course luck exists! Why would God care about all the little details, like who wins in a game of Cribbage?” And the other Christian thought, “No, no, no.”

So, the latter Christian (the real one) wrote this article about the sovereign God and how He cares about everything, even the winner or loser in a seemingly unimportant game of Cribbage.

Some Thoughts on Thoughts . . .

Random thoughts can pop into your mind. And often those thoughts are negative.

You’re no good. You’re ugly. You’re condemned. God doesn’t love you.

But thoughts are often deceptive. Our thoughts can be deceptions from Satan. We must learn theological truth in order to combat thoughts that may lead us astray.

There is a reason Satan is called the accuser of the brethren. He wants us to be confused. He wants us to be scared. He wants us to doubt our faith.

Did God Ever Forgive King Saul?

This is an interesting study, because after the Spirit of God came on Saul and after he was given a different heart and was a different person, he still disobeyed God in significant ways. Disobedience was bound up in Saul and not even the Spirit’s presence was enough encouragement to lead him to obey. God makes it very clear; God’s rejection of Saul was because Saul had rejected the word of the LORD (1 Samuel 15:23). The Spirit of God will not dwell in a disobedient heart.

Read the full article below.

Hebrews 6, Proverbs 1 . . . These Are Scary Passages!

If we had a “most popular” topic on the website, this might be it. People are forever thinking they’re not saved because they’ve committed heinous sins or because they’ve sinned for long periods of time.

That is not what the Bible teaches. Look at David and what he did with Bathsheeba and Uriah. Look at Manasseh and the evils that he did. Look at Peter. Look at Paul. There are so many in the Bible that committed purposeful and high-handed sins. Yet they received forgiveness.

And so can you. So can you.

Rather than get sidetracked by the enemy on our past sins, we must be like Paul and forget those things which are behind so that we might press forward for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:13-14).  He is faithful and just to forgive our sins, if we do not waiver but hold fast to His promise to do just that.