Where Did Paul Get His Inspiration? From God? From Other Apostles?

What resources did the apostle Paul have to write his epistles and letters? Was Paul’s inspiration divine revelation or did he have other apostolic writings? From my reading of the Book of Acts he appeared to have limited personal interaction with the other apostles.

Can God Help Me With Finances? With Mental Health? With Sickness?

There is little doubt that Jesus Christ can help with financial problems, mental issues, debts, and illnesses. But even if He helped with all of these matters, as serious as they are, and left us in our sins, we would be helped not at all.

Tim Binder

That’s one of the things I always appreciated about Tim. He just spoke the truth, didn’t mince words, and didn’t water anything down.

GT Royd graces our website with a new article about luck

Over a game of Cribbage, two opponents started discussing the place of luck. One sincere Christian said, “Of course luck exists! Why would God care about all the little details, like who wins in a game of Cribbage?” And the other Christian thought, “No, no, no.”

So, the latter Christian (the real one) wrote this article about the sovereign God and how He cares about everything, even the winner or loser in a seemingly unimportant game of Cribbage.