Can We Understand Revelation?

Is it possible for anyone to really understand the book of Revelation?

Some people, apparently, think it is impossible for us to ever understand the book of Revelation. Yes, there is much written in this book that is difficult to understand, but we have a very hard time believing God would include it in His holy Word if He didn’t think it would do us any good. So, our thoughts on this book are grounded in the supposition that God does not intentionally hide His truth from us in His Word; rather, He reveals it.

Can We Understand Revelation?

Has the Second Coming Already Occurred?

A belief called preterism (also partial preterism) is making the rounds in the local church. What is it? And does it have any validity?

There has been a surge in recent years of a belief in what is known theologically as partial preterism. Preterists teach that Christ returned in 70 A.D. and fulfilled all of the prophecies of the Olivet Discourse and Revelation. Partial preterists believe that most of the prophecies of the Olivet Discourse and Revelation had their fulfillment in 70 A.D., but that there is still a future coming of Christ at the end of the age.

So what are we to make of preterism and partial preterism? Is there any validity to this belief?

Find out what we think.

Partial Preterism