Loving Jesus More

Have you ever felt hopeless? Empty? Devoid of emotion? Have you ever felt like sin was dragging you so far down into the muck and mire that finding a way out seemed impossible? I have.

And at such times, I wonder. I ponder. I feel like loving God is the most difficult thing in the world. The world pulls me in every direction. My job. Music. Free time. My phone. My computer. Movies. Food. God becomes an afterthought. Loving Him seems nearly impossible. How do you love someone you can’t see or hear?

How Can I Love God More?

Is Your Heart Cold Toward God?

When we walk away from God and do our own thing, we begin to feel separated from God. And there is a reason – we are separated from Him. God is wholly committed to us but His perfect holiness does not find a willing counterpart in lives of sin. So what does that mean? If we wander too far from God can we still return? Is there hope?

I Feel Hopeless – Can I Still Return to God?

Enhance Your Bible Study

A reader recently asked us, “What is the best way to study the Bible?”

There are many methods given by people for studying the Scriptures. I am not sure there is one best way to study the Bible. Entire books are devoted to the question. But for me, more important than any “technique” on studying Scripture is the preparation. I provide the following five matters to consider as foundational for studying Scripture.

The Best Way to Study the Bible

My Wife Doesn’t Love Me Anymore!

What does one do if one’s spouse begins to act in hateful, unloving ways?

Sometimes, we are so afraid of losing someone that we tread on pins and needles in our own house. We should fear God and understand that if someone deserts us, though painful and life-changing, such is not the end of life. Our God never abandons us and He will care for His own.

My Wife No Longer Loves Me