Enhance Your Bible Study

A reader recently asked us, “What is the best way to study the Bible?”

There are many methods given by people for studying the Scriptures. I am not sure there is one best way to study the Bible. Entire books are devoted to the question. But for me, more important than any “technique” on studying Scripture is the preparation. I provide the following five matters to consider as foundational for studying Scripture.

The Best Way to Study the Bible

2 thoughts on “Enhance Your Bible Study”

  1. the best way to study the bible is to read it and also read the secret gospels discovered in nag hammadi egyipt also these gospels has the orginal teachings of jesus that has been passed down by the apostles and translated into greek then the Christian monks of egyipt translated them in to Coptic and now it is translated into English today.

  2. Jay, they are not the truth those so-called secret gospels. Jesus said, “In secret I have said NOTHING.”
    The Coptics are not true Believers, they are spiritually dead and trapped in false religion.
    Please believe me and for your own good, get rid of those so-called secret gospels, my friend.
    Trust only in the our Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and in the teachings of the 12 apostles throughout Acts and the Epistles (Romans to Revelation.)

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