How to React When We Feel Abandoned by God

Recently a reader sent in a question about feeling disconnected from God. The person felt that God and His Holy Spirit had abandoned them–that God had turned them over to a reprobate mind. How should we react when we feel separated from God? How can we reconnect? Does God really ever abandon people?
God Left Me — Why Has He Forsaken Me?

3 thoughts on “How to React When We Feel Abandoned by God”

  1. god does not forsake us it is people who turned their backs at god the only way to reconnect with god is in prayer and meditation we have the inner divinity inside us jesus said if you bring forth the light it will save you if you bring forth evil it will destroy you this is talking about meditation if you meditate you will bring forth the light if you forget to do meditation it will bring forth evil and it will destroy you.

    1. Prayer and meditation are good when the focus of our prayer is towards God through Jesus and the focus of our meditation is on His words found in the Bible. But prayer and meditation when the focus is not right can be an exercise in futility, as many have discovered. Jesus taught us to focus on the things of God in our thoughts, to move the thoughts of our hearts to heaven, and to seek to follow Him in our service in this world. Scripture tells us to meditate on His word. David said that he meditated on God’s word. So the encouragement to pray and meditate is a good word when the focus remains right. But if we meditate on our sins and failures, or on nothingness, or on some other thing we choose to fill our mind other than God and His word, such will not help us draw closer to God or to stand pleasing before Him on the judgment day.

  2. you are right this is the same thing that jesus said if you bring forth the light from within you it will save you if you bring forth evil from within you it will destroy you thank you for quoting this verse when we focus on jesus in meditation the inner divinity will be activated but if we lose our focus on jesus the inner divinity will be destroyed.

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