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  1. even in the old testament the holy spirit is called wisdom in the book of proverbs and god said pray to wisdom in the Hebrew text it says Sophia so this means god said in the book of proverbs in Hebrew pray to Sophia Sophia is also another name for the holy spirit and the holy spirit is the divine feminie energy also and she takes many forms of women and the holy spirit is also a gental dove it means the holy spirit means the mother spirit mary magadaline also said to pray to the mother spirit she got this revelation from the risen jesus and esus repeats this same revelation in jhon chapter 3 also.

    1. You might want to get your facts straight. “Sophia” is a Greek word, not a Hebrew word. In the Hebrew Old Testament, you will never find the word “sophia.” And, the Holy Spirit is not some divine energy, either masculine or feminine. He is a person who can be grieved, lied to, spoken to, etc. Interestingly, in the Greek New Testament the word “spirit” is neither masculine or feminine, but rather is neuter. In the Hebrew, the word for “Spirit” is masculine. There is no neuter form in Hebrew. In any case, Jesus, the one we follow, never refers to the Spirit as feminine. As followers of Jesus, neither should we. We all must face the Judge one day.

      1. of course the holy spirit is Sophia because Sophia means wisdom and it is a woman the book of proverbs talks about a woman called wisdom and it is also in the book of genesis adam and eve did not sin by eating the fruit from the tree of knolgede because eating a fruit is not a sin it is really about people abusing wisdom when the lord talked to adam and eve he knows that they were eating the fruit of his knolge the lord said to them if you want to eat the fruit of my knolgede then you must have children first because they did not had children before eating the fruit of god’s knolge the lord banished them from the garden of eden because they abused wisdom without having children first and in the gospel of jhon jesus said you can not be born again until you come from the water and spirit water means the purity of woman and spirit means wisdom jesus also said be wise as serpents it means partake of knolge but do not partake in evil and I will ask you a question that will convince you of this this question is what if you pass away and what if god said why did you reject my secrets what will you say to him?

      2. I will ask you this question that will convince you what if you pass away and what if god says to you why did you reject my secrets what will you say to him?

        1. Those who profess to uncover secrets taught in Scripture are self-deceived. Jesus spoke openly (John 18:20). The good news of Jesus is simple. Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose again the third day (1Corinthians 15:1-4). All who believe in Him will not perish but have eternal life. Truth is not given to those who think they have the truth but reject the truth spoken by God’s Spirit through His people over the past 2000 years. To pull away from the truth believed by the church opens one up to deception, where one thinks they are right but they are not. It is only when we are in fellowship with God’s people that we can rightly discern spiritual truth (2 Peter 1:20). If what I teach or write is something new, then it most assuredly is in error. But if it corresponds with what God has spoken through other godly people, then I have some confidence that it is right. And godliness is the attribute of a person where they display the fruit of the Spirit of the living God in doing good for brothers and sisters and maintaining purity in relationships with God and man. Scripture is not to be mined for imagined secrets, but rather for the simple instructions on how God would have us live. The greatest commandment is love and the greatest sin is not to love God. There is no commandment to learn any secrets. Secret religions have always been heretical to the Word of God and the faith Christ delivered to the church. I urge you to turn away from such vain things and turn solely to Jesus. Do not be like the Greeks who always wanted to learn some new hidden wisdom, but accept the simplicity of the gospel (1 Corinthians 1:19-31).

          1. in the early middle ages there are lots of sects of Gnosticism there was one gnostic sect that are biblical Christians they billive that jesus is the cosmical son of god and he died for us on the cross and to accept jesus as your personal savior and salvation is from the outside of the church but the orthodox Christians dose not billive that so they killed them off in the crusades and I am telling you even thugh jesus talked openly there are certain teachings that he gave to his apostles from mary magadaline but at first they did no accept it then matthew told to peter you are always a hot head the savior preferd her to us so they fainaly aceepted the strange teachings of the lord from mary magadaline .

          2. i understand that gnosticism and mystery religions have been around for a long time. but if you compare your writings with the Sermon on the Mount, you will see how different mystery religions are from what Jesus taught. Or compare them to the book of 1 John or 1 Peter or any number of books in the Bible. No one in Scripture encourages us to engage in the mystery religions. But they encourage us to love the one true God, to serve one another as His Son did, and to love and serve each other. These are not secrets. It is the pure religion described by James in James 1:27. Jesus said that all of the law and the prophets are summed up in loving God and loving one another. There is nothing secret about that. when we get to heaven and we can say that we have done these two commands, then we will have done what Jesus asked. Abraham, Moses, Samuel, David , Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and other Biblical writers never encourage us to seek out the mysteries. They encourage us to trust, love, and serve. As Paul so well stated, knowledge puffs up but love builds up. Gnosticism, in teaching that salvation comes through knowing certain secrets, is not the religion taught in Scripture.

          3. I know the secrets is not for salvation I am talking about divine secrets like before the flood god gave vsions to enoch and warned him about the anunaki that they will sin against man and animals and the flood will get rid of them but they will survive in their children called the nephilms and god told enoch to write his revelations on the tablets that is what he did even moses and the prophets quoted from the book of enoch even jesus knows the predictions from the book of enoch and not only that the 3 gospels are the only Christian gospels the gospel of jhon is a gnostic gospel because it points out that mary magadaline is the one who saw the resurrected jesus and he told her about the pridictions of enoch and the book of revelation is also a gnostic book think about it the so called church fathers dose not want the gospel of jhon and the book of revelation in the bible they burned them down because they say it is evil and a hersey it is like you are telling people to not to read the gospel of jhon nor the bokk of revelation also I tell you the truth the lord jesus is also a gnostic because jhon the Baptist is also a gnostic he joined with the jewish gnostic sect called the eescanes jesus and jhon the Baptist comes from the jewish gnostic sect because their familes belong in that sect not only that even saint paul is a gnostic he talked about the Christ within and the gnostics quotes saint paul you are against the gnostics it means you are against saint paul and even the bible it self if there is no gnostic influnace in the bible then how did the gospel of jhon and the book of revelation you are attacking the gnostics it means you are insulting paul does that make sence to you?

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