Deliberate Sin – An Ongoing Problem

God forgives all sin. Even deliberate sin. Right?

We’ve received so many inquiries on this over the years. People worry. And worry. And worry. For what?

God is not a God of worry. In fact, He tells us not to worry (Matthew 6:34; Luke 12:25; John 14:27). We need to place our hope in Him and trust that He’s got our best interests in mind.

But when we sin, we become disconnected from God (Isaiah 59:2). That distance, that separation–that’s what brings the fear. When we aren’t in tune with His spirit, we’re bound to feel stress.

I’m going to say what the article says. If God didn’t forgive purposeful sin, then none of us would have any hope. We’ve all done it. The pillars of our Christian faith–Peter, Paul, King David–they did it.

God forgives those who confess and forsake their sin. Period. That’s what the Bible says (1 John 1:9; Proverbs 28:13). Believe it.