Greed to Seed

I used to worship money
An idol built of greed
My life revolved around the lump
Amassed, just for my need
I used to guard it carefully
And watch it ebb and flow
Was overjoyed to see it come
But sad to see it go.

Charity began at home
My needs were paramount
The poor and needy had to wait
Their poverty didn’t count
But then I had a change of life
And I asked Jesus in
But kept my wallet firmly closed
My wealth was not a sin.

Bit by bit, my hardened heart
Was softened by His love
And off my greedy, grasping hand
He took the chain mailed glove
Now I tithe and sow my seed
Into the kingdom field
A cheerful giver, I’ve become
And heaven is my yield.

A Christian poem by:  Mike Bullock

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