Why did you pick me Lord? I’m a miserable sinner,
I’m not worthy of holding your sword, I’m a loser and definitely not a winner!
Why did you choose me? Of all people why did it have to be me?
I’m not like David, I can’t slay Goliath, and I’m not like Moses, I can’t part the sea!
So why, why Lord? Why me?

I don’t see what you see. All I see is a lost cause.
I’m like that big diamond found, and once analyzed it’s discovered to be flawed.
A fracture right in the middle of my soul renders me worthless,
And though I may seem shiny and bright on the outside, my inside is broken and hurtin’.
So why, why Lord? Why me?

Why would you sacrifice your only Son for me, and allow Him to suffer all that pain?
Why am I allowed to even think or say your name?
Why would you bother to look at a worm in the earth?
Why did you allow my mother to give me birth?
So why, why Lord? Why me?

I know I shouldn’t question you “for Thy will” shall be done regardless of what I say.
But still I ask, why give me this chance when I never gave you the time of day?
I turned away from you; I tuned you out and denied your existence.
Yet, my resistance could not withstand the might of your persistence.
So why, why Lord? Why me?

I could understand if I was a good, pious person who lived righteously.
Instead, I’m a doer of evil deeds, a disobedient son, and a sinner to the power of three!
Yet, you still believe in me, while I was so hateful and ungrateful.
You stood by my side; you never left me alone; you are so faithful.
So, why, why Lord? Why me?

You protected me Lord all those years. You kept me under your wings and away from danger.
You treated me like the prince that I am, while I treated you like a total stranger.
I don’t deserve your love Lord, what I do deserve is to be put on your hit list! See,
But your love and your forgiveness are endless! Amen! Can I get a witness! Please!
But my question remains unanswered. Why me?

Why did you select me Lord?
Why ask me to go to war?
Why forgive me of all my sins?
Why, why, why, why, why! Is where I need to begin!
And then He spoke to me!

“Did not Moses also question me when I chose him to go set my people free?
Did he not doubt his own ability to speak for me?
Did I not stand by his side throughout the entirety of his journey?
Did I not grant him the power to part the Red Sea?
All I ask is that you believe in me.

Was not David a mere boy when he slew Goliath?
His faith was strong in Me so I gave him the power to defeat the giant.
Abraham did not question me when I told him to sacrifice his only son.
Not a sign of defiance, he did as I told him, he did not run!
Obedience my son is what I require of you.

Believe in me and obey my commands is all that I ask,
For my will shall be done and this is part of your task.
For you are blessed by me, redeemed by my Son, and through my Holy Spirit born anew.
You are a wielder of my word a key only given to a chosen few!”
I still asked Him why.

Before He answered He said to me, “I had to rebuild your temple again,
In restructuring the boy I created a man!
So, to answer your question my words are few,
The answer to why my son is because I love you!”

A Christian poem by:  Sigifredo Cruz

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