Why do I need my Savior so?
In great wonder I ponder the ways;
He’s the Prince of Peace, the Lord of Life
Who with fervor goes after the strays.

Why do I love my Savior so?
The reasons are impossible to count;
Were the universe mine as a gift to give
It would be an insufficient amount.

Why do I cling to my Savior’s side
Forsaking things I once held dear?
It’s because I’ve found Someone of infinite worth,
The Almighty who saved me from fear.

Why do I follow a God I can’t see,
And choose to walk in His steps?
It’s because He’s exceedingly gracious to me
I’m a child that He loves and accepts.

Why do I choose to live a life
That could lead to great suffering and pain?
It’s because this world is not my home
And to suffer for Christ is great gain.

Why do I think the great God above
Would choose to show favor to me?
It’s a question I still often ask myself
Why He’d die to set my spirit free.

Why do I believe that Christ the Lord
Can cleanse the most sin-tainted hearts?
It’s because He truly has done it for me
By the mercy and grace He imparts.

Why do I hope in a life without end
In a world with no death and no pain?
Because Jesus has gone to prepare a place
In which peace, love and righteousness reign.

A Christian poem by:  Mark Tinjum — 06/10

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