I Had a Dream

Last night I had a dream–Lord help me understand,
An angel stood at the foot of my bed with compassion in her hands.
She said that the Lord had sent her, because he heard me cry,
And wanted to assure me he was always by my side.

I reached out my hand to touch her, but then she disappeared,
But left my BIBLE opened to a verse that I hold dear.
I picked my BIBLE up and began to read out loud,
Such joy filled my heart, the words made me proud.

Isaiah 53:5
But he was wounded for our transgressions;
He was bruised for our iniquities:
The chastisement of our peace was upon him;
And with his stripes we are healed.

I keep the words the angel gave me deep within my heart,
And in the morning when I awaken with this verse I start.
God made a promise through his son now it’s up to me,
to trust in the Lord, stand on his words, and completely believe.

A Christian poem by:  Karen Fitzpatrick

3 thoughts on “I Had a Dream”

  1. Hello there, your poem is beautiful. i thought there were she angels but in tne bible they are male. i have heard angels singing and they sounded like females but i was told by a friend they are defintly males. but you have had some insight and being left the word is just beautiful i have meditated on it. thanks for sharing and bless you.

    1. Although the Bible never speaks about female angels, we should not think that angels are female or male. They are non-procreating spiritual beings who take on the appearance of bodies at times to appear to people. But they are not flesh and blood like we are (Luke 24:39).

      There is a grammatical reason why they are always male in our Bibles. The Old Testament was first written in Hebrew. Hebrew only has two genders, masculine and feminine. There is no neuter gender as there is in Greek and English. Thus, where we in the English language can speak of “him, her, or it,” the Hebrew language only has “him or her.” And the male gender was prominent. So if a created being was not specifically female, it was referenced as male. Angels who are spirits (Hebrews 1:14), were not specifically created female. Thus, all Old Testament references to angels were masculine.

      The New Testament was first written in Greek (except for Matthew where there is debate about whether it was written first in Hebrew or Greek). In the Greek language at that time, there was no feminine word for “angel.” The only word for “angel” in Greek was masculine. So again, all angels are treated grammatically as masculine in the New Testament. However, like the sun and the stars, although they are referenced using masculine terms, one should not conclude that they are male in the sense that humans are male or female. They are spiritual beings. They do not have flesh and blood.

      Accordingly, I do not have problems with using the feminine gender to describe angels, as long as we understand that angels do not actually have gender. They are spirits who are not organically physical beings, as we are. Though they sometimes take on the appearance of humans, that appearance does not have physical substance as we do, and as Christ did after the resurrection. Nothing in Scripture or God’s nature forbids them from appearing as men or as women.

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