As We Grow and Wish to Glow

As we grow and wish to glow,
We muscle to make it
We strive to succeed
We war to win
To shine and to be seen.
We think life is about
Acquiring that career
And living it as we please.
We think life is our own
And for our own glory.
We built strong careers to become
Our strong bases to stand
Yet no base without Christ
The chief conerstone
Can truly stand.
In our visions
We fail to fit in God;
In our struggles to succeed
We never rely on Him for help.
Our plans are never structured around his plans
Everything is about us
And for us.
Yet nothing we achieve on our own
Can ever last.
Alone and only what we achieve through God
And for God can last a lifetime.
For as we live we live for His glory
Not ours.
As we live we live for His honor
Not ours.
As we grow and wish to glow
Let us then remember that to God alone
Belongs all the honor
And all the glory;
And that only through knowing Him
And working hard with Him
Can we truly stand and shine.

A Christian poem by:  Morula Wa Kutukgolo

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