A light, a flash, a fiery dash,
Part red, part blue; its brilliant hue
Covered the sky from east to west
Marking the coming of Him.

Eyes and wheels their courses did run
Upholding the platform of the dear Son;
As He took to the night across the thin air
Displaying that Light; His Presence was there.

Above it all in splendor so grand,
There was a great throne, and on it a Man–
A Man with a scepter in His strong hand,
As hosts stood around, a heavenly band.

He rose from the throne with great dignity
And cast off His clothes, for you and for me.
He came to this earth in the form of a Babe
To free us from sin, our lives to save.

We saw His life, we wondered aloud,
“Who was this person, enclosed in skin’s shroud”?
His birth brought down angels, His baptism a Dove,
His life a blessing from heaven above.

He woke and He spoke and the winds went away.
He walked and He talked and we had nothing to say.
He healed and He sealed God’s truth to our hearts.
There was no one like Him, in all of these parts.

At times it was true, the lightning did flash
At times it was true, the cymbals did clash
At times it was true, we saw such a sight
We shrank back with fear, filled with much fright.

But it was not at these times, that we most were amazed.
Nor at those great times, His opponents He dazed.
It was in His life, a life free from sin,
That the glory was seen, again and again.

It was a great glory, like heaven above.
It was a good glory, of mercy and love.
It was a grand glory, of power and might;
The glory of God, the spiritual light.

A Christian poem by:  Tim Binder

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