Today, I opened my eyes and saw you looking at me.
How long were you watching before I awoke?
How much of my sin did you behold?
Were you looking all the time I was asleep to you?

Your eyes spoke of delight to see
My eyes looking at you as you looked at me.
But why such delight? Why the evident joy?

Surely you saw my actions unkind,
Surely you knew the thoughts of my mind,
Surely you felt the weight of my sin, my sin against you.

Instead of rejection, hostility and distance
I saw in your eyes delightful acceptance
When I opened my eyes to you today.

Is it possible that you still love me?
Can it be true that you’re delighted to see
My eyes looking at you as you look at me?

Then I turned and saw the cross.
I saw your suffering, the incredible loss,
And considered again why you undertook
To die on the tree for me.

The cross speaks of a love that covers sin,
Of a joy and delight welcoming sinners in.
Mercy and grace reaching past transgressions
To restore communion with a lost creation.

Then I understood how love willingly bends
To restore fellowship, the rebirth of friends.
The hurt that I caused never erased
Your longing for me, the eyes of your grace.

I’m sorry for my sin against you.
I cannot believe I was again untrue.
Why did I exchange your pleasant dew
For parched grass and blackened hues?

Today, I opened my eyes and saw you looking at me.
I saw delight filling your eyes with beams of joy
Welcoming me in, warming my heart with your love,
Oh divine, unfathomable love.

A Christian poem by:  Tim Binder

One thought on “Forgiveness”

  1. I am glad Jesus has opened your eyes to the truth, that you found his mercy and that you are now a new creature in Christ, no longer a child of disobedience and have passed on from death to life!

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