Mercy Me

Forgive me o’ Lord, for I am a sinner,
In your presence is when the pressure gets thinner.
This life, this world, It’s bringing me down,
will it ever be over, so I may sleep so sound?
Unleash the chains that bind my soul,
Fill it with the Holy Spirit; make me full.
Thoughts of money, thoughts of sex,
Thoughts of cars and all the rest,
They lead me down the darkest path,
They lead me to my inner death.
Pools of tears and nights of fears,
Enough o’ Lord It stops right here!
Open my eyes so that I may see,
The grace and mercy you have set upon me.
I am no longer a captive in this evil place,
Show me your glory, show me your power,
Send me your presence and SHOW ME YOUR FACE!

A Christian poem by:  Robbie Kubusheski ©2009

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