The Dusty Old Book

A dusty, musty Book lies there
On the bookshelf by my chair;
Long forgotten and untouched
(certainly not cared for much)
For years unopened and unread;
God’s Living Word; our Daily Bread.

I dust it off and turn the cover,
Inside is writ ‘With love from Mother’.
Intrigued I turn page after page
And read about a long-lost age;
A time before the world began
When angels fought and fell and sang.

Then the Great Creator made
All that exists: the man and maid.
Their sin doomed those who were born after;
Sweat and tears instead of laughter.
Evicted from their fruitful home;
Satan left loose to rule and roam.

People turned away from God –
As a result they felt His rod;
Repenting just to sin again
Returning every now and then;
But though they were twelve faithless clans
God loved them ’cause of Abraham.

A promise made; foretold of old,
A covenant kept; the Savior sold
For silver with a traitor’s kiss
And Blood that flowed because of this.
The veil was torn; men are reborn
Earning on Earth the lost souls’ scorn.

The Lamb of God enthroned on High
Will one day meet men in the sky
To take them to a better place
Where they will see Him face to Face;
Then comes the dreaded Judgment Day
Of those who lost the Only Way.

The Book teaches all this, and more;
What is, will be and came before.
Don’t do what I did; it was wrong
Please read your Bible; don’t wait long –
The message of God’s Word’s profound:
Search for Him while He may be found.

A Christian poem by:  Belinda van Rensburg ©2010 —

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