Through Christ You Can Do All Things

Whatever your expectations are
no mountain is too high and no river is too wide
because you have the Almighty Lord Jesus as your personal guide

Knowing your steps are ordered by God and He’s directing your life
you can accomplish the goals you set for yourself
through the power of Christ

You’re blessed with the assurance of God’s help
and guidance wherever you are
knowing the Lord is there with you and has not failed you so far

Your faith in the Lord keeps you energized and encouraged towards your success
you’re determined to reach the goals in your life
having time for any mess

You are receptive to endless possibilities which God has let you see
throughout your life knowing all things through Christ there is a possibility

Because the steps you’re taking they are clear
as you follow them with the King
as you walk with faith to reach your goals
through Christ you can do all things.

A Christian poem by:  Marlene — Drugged and Delivered

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