The Old Man

I’m an old man whose life has been over for many long years
I’m here to tell you a story that may bring some of you to tears
You see, I lived in a place that was harsh and rough
To make it there you had to be smart and tough

We heard that a man was coming to the village where I lived
Rumor had it that he never took, that all he wanted to do was give

The people that saw him were never the same
Their lives were different, their hearts were re-arranged
He was a great teacher . . . he said that death was not the end
And if a person believed in him they would never taste of death
But live again

O start a brand new life in a place of great joy
Where an old man like me could be a strong and healthy young boy

The colors there have never before been seen
And life is an eternal, wonderful dream
A crystal river flows through this place
And the water there is cool, and sweet to the taste

And for every single person that believed in him
A house was built in heaven, just for them
Not just a house, but a mansion so fine
That none has ever been better even after all this of this time

And for all of those that made him their King
They would at last know the reason for everything
For his kingdom was not built by hands
And we knew it best as the promised land

The place where beautiful flowers sway in the cool and gentle wind
After each day passes you want to live it again
There is no evil there, only peace and love
And you get to see the face of the Lord God above

There are no words to use in this place
To describe the beauty you will see in his face
He will walk with you along paths of gold and jade
And explain to you how the universe was made

He will show you and you take all of the time that you need
Until you finally understand how he made the very first seed
How did he make a living cell? how was it done?
And from that first cell an entire creation sprung

This man that was coming said he knew all these things
And how the angels first earned their wings
I knew that I had to see this man
The one who would do what no one else on earth could do

They say that if he looks your way
And your eyes catch his, you will never forget that day
That you saw the glory, peace and love
That can only come from the Lord God above

Rumor says that he’s healed the lame
And all they had to do was speak his name

I’ve got to get to him through the crowds
I want to see him speak out loud
I have seen the religious men of our day
I understand all that they have to say

I know that they are smarter than I am
I am just a poor tailor, doing the best that I can
But still I wonder why can’t they
Make creation sound so easy that way?

He is coming tomorrow; I have to get some sleep
So maybe as the sun sets I can touch his feet
He is a dangerous man so the high priests say
But I need to see him anyway

So I lay down now on my bed of straw
And dream of seeing what those other people saw
I have never seen him, but I have faith
That he can lead our world to a better place

It is morning now and I go to work
I take old sacks and from them I make fine shirts
The sun is fading now into a bright new moon
And I know the master is coming soon

It is late now and there is a very large crowd
I just hope that I can see him speak out loud
Here he comes now, to the village where I live
But we are poor people . . . we have nothing to give

He stops walking now and the crowd gathers near
And all that are close can plainly hear
The voice of a kind and gentle soul
As he speaks to them of riches untold

The crowd grows nearer hoping for a chance to listen
But I looked into his eyes and they seemed to glisten
The light shone from his eyes with a brilliance untold
And I knew the master was not talking about silver or gold
He spoke of riches in heaven where they would always stay
Waiting for those who followed his way

Just then, I saw the crowd move aside
Most will never forget what they saw as their eyes opened wide

I saw a man running fast from the crowd
Screaming the name of Jesus out loud
I ran after him, but he ran like the wind and never got tired
I knew that I could never catch him no matter how hard I tried

I slowed down to catch my wind
I thought I would never see him again
At my village, I stopped to ask
If anyone had seen a man run by so fast

“That was the crippled man” I heard someone say
“He ran home to tell his family What Jesus did for him today”
He jumped over a thick stone wall
If you don’t believe me, ask the blind man–he saw it all

Now that is my story I guess you can say
I saw it all, just exactly that very way
You know by now that I couldn’t hear
Until that day when Jesus came here

A Christian poem by:  Danny Fisher — November 20, 2011

One thought on “The Old Man”

  1. absolutely and wonderfully put together like if the writers hand was guided by the old man himself, a definite tearjerker for the souls of men.

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