May 27, 2005

The poppy still grows out in the fields
where blood was shed in times of war
reminding us that life goes on
the fallen shall rise one glorious tomorrow.

Thoughts of those who died in battle
still linger in our hearts,
“Some gave all, and all gave some,”
Memories of these, shall never depart.

Soldiers bravely left their homes
as loved ones said, “goodbye’
Many did not meet again,
but God’s children shall be united, one day in the skies.

We give thanks for soldiers who serve our country
in the home of the brave and the free,
But most of all we give thanks to Jesus,
Who gave His life upon Calvary’s tree.

He hung the stars and bore the stripes
And by His shed blood we are truly free,
In Him all who die are promised eternal life,
By His “amazing grace”…the blind are made to see.

So as we honor our soldiers
remembering their great sacrifice,
May we also give honor to our Lord,
who died that all might have eternal life.

The poppy still blooms in full color
And the blood of Jesus still flows,
Life with Jesus is more than a memory,
As each day, God’s grace He bestows.

Remember the fallen and give thanks
for their great sacrifice in our land,
We are all soldiers in God’s army,
Together, by His marvelous grace, we shall stand.

A Christian poem by:  Jo Ann Kelly — A Memorial Day reminder

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