Freedom Reigns

Each morning as I open my eyes, I’m thankful to be a part of the USA,
In my opinion, there is no better place in the world to spend my day.
I can do a great number of things and go most anywhere that I please,
If it is Sunday, choose a church congregation and join in with these.

I can do these things only through the freedom God’s given this land,
For in its beginning, in His name, the leaders had made their stand.
Founding our country on the Godly principles received through prayer,
With faith so strong they were willing put their lives into His care.

There are those who God’s chosen to fight the battles to keep it free,
The loyal patriots of today, with those on down through its history.
Some likely disagreed with the issues, yet they fought just the same,
As untold numbers lost their lives, so that today, freedom can reign.

Now as I open my eyes in this land of the free, here’s how I’ll pray,
Lord I know that You give us our freedom and You could take it away.
I pray for leaders that’ll turn our country back to the God we trust,
Then seek Him to preserve our freedom, for trusting in Him is a must.

A Christian poem by:  Robert Hedrick

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