Who Am I?

Who am I, I hear you ask
Peering from my vacuum flask
Snug and safe from all intrusion
No ingression, no confusion
Allow you near to know my name
Light specifics is my game
Try to rummage, I invert
Raise my shield to stop the hurt.

Fear and envy clothe my soul
But the past has taken toll
I’m a jelly easily shaken
Worth and confidence forsaken
Come on in, but stay away
I’m not brave enough today
All this talk of God is fine
But He’s not a friend of mine.

Why?, if He created me
Did He forget to oversee
The blooming of this butterfly
Free to live and touch the sky
Someone who is not afraid
To be an equal, debts all paid
Open, friendly, loving, kind
Patient, tender, clear of mind.

Come, Lord Jesus, break this mold
Breathe Your warmth into this cold
Draw me from the shadows deep
Shine Your light upon this creep
I want beauty, I want joy
Oh to be Your little boy
Start Your journey to my soul
Before the darkness takes its toll.

A Christian poem by:  Mike Bullock

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