I Saw a Little Girl of Seven

I saw a little girl of seven,
She was beside the road beggin’.

She called for bread, water and money.
But what touched my heart was when she cried for mummy.

It made my whole heart fill with pity,
As she clutched her black–and–white kitty.

She looked so thin, and deserted too,
As she wondered what to do.

She wept as she thought, “Am I worthless?”
The lone street where she sat was mirthless.

A kind old lady handed her a piece of bread,
But no one thought to give her love, I said.

There was sadness, loneliness, dejectedness and so much more . . .
In that child’s heart, in her soul, in her core.

I couldn’t help her since she was hurt that deep,
But then I knew someone that could help her reap.

It was not me.
He was the key.

And Jesus Christ did change her,
With His healing power.

Now she preaches with great earnest,
And loves her children, never to desert.

A Christian poem by:  Emily Lo

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