The Story – an Easter Poem

About 2,000 years ago
God sent His only Son
To live a life exemplary
of how it should be done.

He loved, He healed, He lived the truth,
They found no fault in Him,
But darkness schemed for His demise
In a battle it would not win.

This Man who came to save the world
Was betrayed and crucified.
He endured excruciating pain
On an old rugged cross where He died.

But the story doesn’t end there
For in 3 days He rose again,
Fulfilling all the prophecies
Of how He would conquer sin.

He’s still alive and living
In the world today,
And His grace is sufficient for all our needs
As we travel along life’s way.

If just by faith you’ll accept Him,
He’ll never leave you alone.
You see, it was for you He died,
Your sins He did atone.

Now He’s preparing a place for you
And thru Him your salvation is sure,
Just give your heart to Jesus Christ
And Heaven will be yours.

A Christian poem by:  Jim Price

4 thoughts on “The Story – an Easter Poem”

  1. Wow……
    Good I can make are song from the poem….thanks Tim Binder. For the good work. You have given me oppotunity to do asong…..God bless you

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