Remember Me

Here I am standing before Him,
Other times I may sit down, too,
But this only happens on most days,
Hoping that He would accept any praise,
Some days I just feel way too lazy,
To release the love that blooms like a daisy,
I can’t express how I feel about my Lord,
Some days I’m too tired to tell Him a word,
On some days I neglect His presence,
Way too preoccupied to see His essence,
I have friends, family, sports, school, and work
Then when I mess up, for His help I lurk,
Other than that I don’t have time,
I want to have fun and live my prime,
Many months have passed now,
I haven’t talked to the Lord, for years,
Now I’m standing here in grieving tears,
I left Him, and I never came back,
Now without Him, my body is like a sack
One day I realize it’s way too late,
God has left, I have missed the date
Please O Lord wait, hear my cry,
I ask You O Lord give me another try,
Within a second I heard His vast reply,
“Don’t you know that I never left you?
Here I am always with you,
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow
At every second at your high and low,
I know My name You may have forgotten,
But a heart with Me shall never grow rotten,
Focus NOW and forget the past,
Trust in Me until your last,
Let’s go now, reach my hand,
Remember Me, and together we’ll stand.”

A Christian poem by:  Monica

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