A Mother’s Love

The day seemed bright and full of joy
For she learned she was going to have a baby boy.
No more days to just sleep in.
She had to paint, she had to begin . . .
To prepare her nest for the impending guest.

The days went by incredibly fast.
Before she knew it, she was giving birth, at last.
Away from his home for birth he came
Crying and surprising us all the same.
Though in good time, as we looked back to see,
What his tears held, was his destiny.
Knowing full well the life he had,
Was to be given, was to be shed.
Just for me.
Jesus he bled.

. . . did this baby boy know what joy he offered?
To the ones who listened and tried to be proper.
With love and comfort, to him they would,
To think that God could be so good.
To give them a son they then understood.
That love began with him as it should.
Giving himself in that moment they knew.
Dedicated completely to serve me and you.

Never turning back even in a disaster.
His life was no longer theirs they knew
That his life belonged to Him, their master.
To serve the Father from the start.
Her baby boy today so small, one day,
He would not be here, but only in her heart.
Off would he be to serve the Father.
Oh my love for him, with no end would be,
Forever praying for his quick return to me.

I hear the crowds in the street all yell,
Something mean about a man, I just can’t tell.
Who is this person they are trying to kill?
I work my way through the street to see.
Who is this down at my feet by me?

Oh help me my God.
It’s my boy on this street.
As I drop down to my knees,
I look at the crowd and ask them all why?
Why do you hurt him, do you not see?
This boy of mine has a destiny.

Cradling his head, he looks up at me and says,
Please do not cry, please try to see,
This plan for my life is meant to be,
Before time began.
With love it is given, to every man,
It’s free, as it is written.
Their life they must turn over to me.

As I see him hanging on that tree,
That tree that was on Calvary.
Oh God, Oh God, don’t you see?
My baby boy was innocent, don’t you see?
Why did you have to die for me?

I couldn’t understand what I had seen.
Why God, why God, my baby . . .
I didn’t understand.
I couldn’t see.
What was the purpose of Calvary?
What had happened to her baby?
What had happened to her boy?
Where, oh where had gone her joy?

Not long ago when she had cradled him so,
Singing lullabies to him seems like decades ago.
To hold him once more her heart cried out.
To see him smile, then see what it was about.
The long days had gone by, she just could not see.
What was the purpose in Calvary?
Her son was no longer alive and free.
Why God, why did this happen to me?

It was early that day when we went to the grave.
Looking to swaddle him, looking to pray.
The tomb was empty, the stone was gone,
The guards were not there, what had they done?
I ran from the garden, I ran from that spot.
Where is my boy? There he is not.

Who knew the truth?
I’ve got to find out.
Someone to show me; someone please help.
When I heard a voice tell me to have no fear.
That the one I was seeking, He was right here.

I lifted my tear-streaked eyes
And beheld the most wonderful sight.
It was my boy, my boy, see His glory delight.
God from Calvary how can this be?
You’ve returned my love to me.
No longer buried, no longer dead.
Thank you my God it’s just as you said.

No more death will ever touch thee,
Once and for all you proved it to me,
With all that you did with all that you bled
You’re my savior; my savior the living bread.

A Christian poem by: Kerrie Cochran

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