The Servant’s Way

The Master had preached about servanthood,
That for righteousness they should all thirst,
While those at the table were quarreling,
About glory and who would be first.

They thought He would ring in the kingdom,
Through force and a mighty right hand,
But He gave them much more to think about,
While He taught them of God’s holy plan.

The men He had chosen had much to learn,
And the Master a short time to teach,
So He decided to get their attention,
By His actions and not by His speech.

His actions shocked them to silence,
What they witnessed beyond their belief,
It was a lesson they would never forget,
As they looked on in stunned disbelief.

The Master took up a basin,
The lowliest servant would use,
And proceeded to wash their dirty feet,
Until Peter gave voice to refuse.

“Lord never shall you wash my feet,”
Not knowing what Christ was teaching,
Later he would realize that what Jesus did,
Foreshadowed and was much more far-reaching,

Still the Master stoops down to serve in love,
Those He calls and He loves till the end,
And those who let Jesus cleanse their sin,
Find Him Savior, Redeemer and Friend.

A Christian poem by:  Mark Tinjum — March 07, 2008

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