Andy’s Story

I used to be tough and that is the truth
No man made me afraid in the days of my youth
I lived fast and my nights of drinking were long
And a few people said that I was somewhat strong

I worked out with weights; I was very proud
And I laughed at weaker men out loud
I worked in a mill, a job that was tough
And I always believed that the work was enough

To make the world see what I saw
A young man with a big mouth and an iron-clad jaw
I served in the Army and I was proud
Again I laughed at weaker men out loud

I was a member of the Airborne Rangers
We were tough and we never feared danger
I jumped out of planes; there could never be
A man who was tougher than me

I met a guy in Mexico one day
Who changed my attitude in a very big way
I started a ruckus with this man one night
I hit him in the face with all of my might

He got up from the floor and made me see
That there were tougher men on earth than me
I once was cool or so I thought
Until this man in Mexico laid down the law

I fought for fun; I was a scrapper
I never gave a single thought about the hereafter
Life for me was living for today
And I never considered any other way

Religion was a drag; I never had the time
To learn about things like bread and wine
I was a man on a good-times path
I never gave a single thought about God’s wrath

When I got out of the Army I returned
To the pulp-mill job that I had learned
Things for me were just the same
I went right back to the life that I had claimed

I met a man at work named Andy one day
And he tried to tell me that there was a better way
He was good at his job so I pretended to hear
But the words that he spoke fell on deaf ears

He didn’t mind the dirty jokes we played
He would just do his job faithfully day after day
He had a look of peace in his eyes
And soon I began to realize

That pulp-mill life had slowly changed
It was not the strongest, but the smartest who reigned
Those of us in the toughest bunch
Wanted to sit with Andy for lunch

He taught us the things that we needed to know
And our respect for his knowledge slowly began to grow
Andy was the best at his job and he was kind
But Andy had another agenda on his mind

He started to show me what the Bible meant
And how it didn’t happen by accident
At first I doubted what he had to say
I never thought of things in quite that way

As time went on with each new day
Andy had some new words to say
He taught me the truth about eternal life
And how it can only be gained through Jesus Christ

Andy led me to be saved through the blood of the lamb
The one, the only the great I AM
As we go through life we never know
The effect we have on others as we go

A Christian poem by: Danny Fisher

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