Forgive Me, I’ve Forgotten

when did you pick up the pieces

i’m sorry i missed that part

the last thing i can remember

is crying over my broken heart

i don’t recall when you saved me

my eyes were closed when you pulled me to shore

i once was lost, my life missing

you found it, broken, lying on the floor

who was i? before you made me?

changed me . . . brought me to grace

would i even recognize her?

or, would i be ashamed to see that face

when Lord, did you cleanse me?

for my sins are white as snow

and the scars i had, i’ve thrown away

to look at me, you’d never know

i’ve forgotten Lord, the girl i was

blackened by satan’s grip

a slave to him from below

wounds made from the dark master’s whip

crying in the dark

nothing but a mere dot

you cared enough to love me

and for my life you fought

you fought against the prince

that owns this wretched place

you fought against my flesh

“that soul won’t go to waste!”

oh father, i’ve been sleeping

blind to all you’ve done

i was just living my life in vain

while you gave up your only son

forgive me Lord, i love you

but sometimes i forget

that you died to save my life

and how you paid my endless debt

A Christian poem by:  Tiffany Mather

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