There Is a Pit So Deep

There is a pit so deep,
I’m in it,
And your presence I seek.
Lord, help me out of this pit,
Seems I’ll stay here forever.
It’s filled with sin, revenge and hate,
I can’t bear it any longer!
If I keep goin’ on at this rate,
I’ll be smothered to death,
(Lord, help me!)
In awful atrociousness.
Oh please, Jesus, hear my plea!
Help me get out of here,
I can’t keep on going like this,
Always, always in fear.
Oh! Horrible it is,
When there is no way.
Lord, when are you coming?
I can’t do this every day.
I’m waiting for your ways so loving,
Can I wait any more?
Oh, I don’t know. . .
When will you open your door?
No! There is my foe,
Advancing, advancing,
Don’t come any further!
Will I ever hear the angels sing?
Will I ever see my dear Father?
Oh, here is my enemy,
A sneer on his face,
He’s saying, “Are you ready,
For a battle in this place?”
I run, as fast as I can,
Urgency and terror welling up inside me.
Faster, faster than I ever have ran,
I yell, “Oh Jesus, your face I long to see!”
I run, stumble, then fall,
In this fearsome pit of vile.
Suddenly everything turns blacker than the darkest of the deep hall.
Where am I? What is this place? Where even is that place so wild?
I see a face, so loving and caring,
It is him! God, that I looked for!
I wonder how I am faring,
I check myself, wounds are all over me, as if I came from a war,
Though I expected to be perfectly fine.
Then I finally see the sadness all over His face, and he speaks,
“My child,” he sighed,
“You rejected me. I called for you with my door open for weeks!
You rejected me, thinking I was never there,
But I was waiting for you to accept!
I sent someone to share
the Gospel with you, except,
You turned away,
And now, it is too late.”
I am sinking into the fiery wave,
Sinking to my fate.

A Christian poem by:  Emily Lo

One thought on “There Is a Pit So Deep”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Great poem, expressing well the horrible consequence of sin and source of our hope for deliverance.

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