In the End

The things I long to show you, now you must behold
Search the deepest mystery, a city made of gold
And in this city from the sky a Righteous shall dwell
To lead the kingdoms of the earth and destroy the works of hell
From the mighty city shall a crystal river flow
Upon its riverbanks, the healing trees will grow
The sun and moon will fade away, the stars won’t give their light
The Mighty Prince will light the sky and cast away the night
With His mighty hand He will wipe away our tears
And by His mighty Word, restore the broken years
In His hands He holds the keys of hades and the grave
All that call upon His name are all that He will save
The ancient snake is troubled and he knows his day is done
The time is now and now’s the time to step out in the Son
So if you heed the calling, what a better man you’ll be
Your joy will be your strength and your faith will be the key.

A Christian poem by:  Tom Williams

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