Liz James

The quiet one, or so it seemed
A lady alone, no family to be
Enduring sorrow, cancer’s early touch,
The loss of her brother, her mom much beloved.
And then upon leaving a gift for a friend
Her beetle was crushed, her dear dad was dead.

The sadness of loss, grief upon grief
Long nights by herself, the dawn no relief.
But those who knew Liz, knew something well
The deep troughs of life pained but never felled
This lady alone, who had strength to prevail
Over Job’s mighty trials. She never failed.

The quiet one, had a life filled to the full
Remarkable intelligence, accomplishments untold
A CPA with hands in the dirt
A champion swimmer, we didn’t know her worth?
A treasure of treasures, a heart full of gold
This lady alone, living life bold.

From the caves of Montana, to the plays of Ashland
From the drives to Seattle, to her work at Providence
From her care for her church, or her charities
She lived life to the full; a rich legacy.
She read and she knitted, she baked and she shared.
Love shaped gingerbread men were a part of her wares.

But only a part, a small part at that
She opened her heart to support what was best
She supported the poor, and medical needs
She supported the orphans, put shoes on their feet
She supported missions, bringing life to the lost
And educational opportunities, even at a cost.

Never with fanfare, serving quietly
She made quite a difference, in her humility
Long will be the list, when the talley’s done
Of what she accomplished, that mattered to each one
She sought to please her Lord; pursued Him ’till the end
And this week heard Him say to her, “Welcome home, my dear friend.”

A Christian poem by:  Tim Binder

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