I Am Alive

I Am alive because of you
I have endured the darkest days because the beacon of your light guided me through.
I Am alive and well by the glory of your grace.
I Am blessed by I Am because I Am blessed to see another day!

I Am alive because you have sheltered me.
Beneath your wings is my haven I Am and that is where I want to be.
I Am alive because you willed it so!
You breathed life into this empty temple and You gave me a soul!

I Am alive because you died upon the cross for me.
No sacrifice is greater or paralleled than the one made at Calvary!
I Am alive because you shed your blood to wipe my sins away,
Redeemed am I by I Am and grateful I Am that I Am able to sing this song of praise!

I Am alive because you willed it so my magnificent, marvelous King!
My Lord, my Savior, my Father, my God, my Light, my Everything!
I Am alive and all praises are to be given You!
Now my days of darkness are gone and the light, Oh that beautiful light, that light is plentiful.

So rejoice and praise the Lord! I Am alive, alive and well I say!
Alive am I and blessed I Am to see this glorious day!
I Am alive.

A Christian poem by:  Sigifredo Cruz

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