Prism to our Past

A humbling profession is
Biblical archaeology,
where people are found prostrate —
Searching for glimpses of Man’s history.

Forgotten souls and evidence have been
covered by layers of earthly dust,
as recent discoveries now include . . .
The decoding of Israel’s “Exodus.”

An eclectic collection of artifacts
of the “Hyksos Expulsion” have been laid bare
by Simcha, the “Naked Archaeologist,”
on TV’s “The History Channel” everywhere.

Proposed is a brilliant theory,
that spans a labyrinth of time,
while he employs computer graphics
to capture believers’ hearts and minds.

An unending excavation
of God’s Truth will forever last,
while we focus our attention
and gaze through . . . His prism to our past.

A Christian poem by:  Joseph J. Breunig 3rd
Author of “Reaching Toward His Unbounded Glory”

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