When The Light Goes Out

What is done
Can’t be undone
How do you handle
Her light blown out like a candle
No longer here for me to see
She has been set free
Free from pain that bound
Death chased her like a hound
She fought long & hard like a soldier
This life she tried to carry on her shoulders
When the pain was too much
She couldn’t handle even my soft touch
A woman sworn to live by her vow
Cancer hit her with a POW 💥
Her strength removed like Samson
Unable to walk outside in the sun
We cried together many nights
Wondering how long we would have to fight
Cancer doesn’t care about your age
It doesn’t care if you make a living wage
It attacks the body with a vengeance
Looking for every compromised entrance
Oh God, oh God, death where is your sting
With Christ there is no more suffering
What was lost
Jesus paid that cost
So now she is restored
No more hurting vocal cords
Singing praises to the King
Death you really did lose that sting
I know that one day soon
I shall rise up like a balloon
For now I sit and wait
Until God reopens the gate

Copyright © 2020 KNG Music and Praise First Publishing

Check out Nick’s website. He recently lost his wife to cancer. See the journey. And see how God is powerfully using Nick to further His kingdom.

Check out Nick on Twitter.

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