Tell Them of His Love

What can we teach our children?
What words of wisdom can we impart?
We must teach them about our Father.
It is the only place to start.

If we can help our children to understand,
can plant the knowledge seed,
that the Bible is the most important Book
that they will ever read.

If we can tell them to take every problem,
no matter how great or how small,
and lift them up in earnest prayers
to the loving Lord Who hears them all.

And while they know our love for them is strong,
not even a parent’s love can compare.
The Lord has more than enough to offer.
Every person on earth will have their share.

If we can show them the Father Who loves them,
impart His legacy of love,
so they will make wise choices and decisions,
seeking His guidance from above.

If we advise them . . . though life can be scary
and may not go just as they had planned,
they need never fear nor worry,
the Father holds them in the palm of His hand.

A Christian poem by: Lanette Kissel

2 thoughts on “Tell Them of His Love”

    1. A great poem for parents to impart to children in this age when they are confronted with so many harmful vices. Keep up the good writing.

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