My Cry

A cry crescendoes across the night;
      a quivering cry,
      a persistent cry,
      a cry for existence,
           lingering long and loud and clear,
           lingering on creatures far and near,
           lingering in ears of all who hear.
I cry for You.

The cry,
      cradling helplessness and hope,
Dies slowly away,
      until in silence
           I await Your reply.

I looked for You.
      I glimpsed a sight
           In the night; only leaves in the breeze.
      I heard a song
           Carried along; only birds in the trees.
      I felt a tug,
           Fear quickly dug; only thorns at my sleeves.

I am lonely.
I am fearful.
      Are You there?
      Are You here?
Oh, please help me.

My eyes rise.
      A sea of sparkling diamonds greets me.
           It holds me.
           It beckons me.
           I strain to see.
You created them!
You control them!

You created me.
Oh, please control me.
My heart desires You more than life itself.

Again, I raise my cry;
      a plaintive sound pursues the night.
It dies away;
      Like darkness in the dawn.

A faint stir, not in the breeze.
A faint song, not in the trees.
A faint tug, not on my sleeves.

My mind explores.
My spirit soars.
My heart’s door
Opens more.
Your lore
Into Me.

The Fullness of the Universe
      In me?

The glory of Your presence
      Is more than I can bear.
My legs collapse beneath me,
      My heart’s enlarged and bare.

In tears my soul finds rest,
      freed from the lonely sea.
A song springs forth within me,
      a quiet melody:
           “My God, You’ve come.
           You’ve come. You’ve come.
           My God, It’s done. It’s gone.
           You’ve won.”

I exalt You!

A Christian poem by:  Tim Binder

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