Give Me a Friend

Give me a friend . . .
That upon I know I can depend,
When the waves of life come in,
And I need Him to defend.

Give me a friend . . .
That will lend a helping hand,
Who is there to help me make a stand,
Till the stormy weather ends.

Give me a friend . . .
That blends life with laughter,
And there shall be singing after,
A life without pretend.

Give me a friend . . .
That will turn my night into day,
And who will take me each step of the way,
With each prayer I may send.

Give me a friend . . .
When all goes wrong,
Who makes me feel I belong,
Until the day begins.

Give me a friend . . .
When all seems lost,
Who is willing to pay the cost,
During life’s downward trends.

Give me a friend . . .
Who I can share with whenever I am sad,
And in the moments that my heart is glad,
From beginning to end.

There is no other Friend but to be found in Jesus,
He said, “He would never forsake us or leave us.”
Thank you, Heavenly Father, for what You’ve done
In giving us Your only begotten Son.

A Christian poem by:  Cinda M. Carter>

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